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October 26th, 2007 by Neat

3.0 New

There’s some hype today about software releases. The few Mac users here in our offices are excited about Apple’s release of the latest version of their OS, Mac OS X Leopard.

But did you know there’s an even bigger announcement in software today? It effects millions of PC users around the globe, who suffer from massive receipt overload. We’ve heard your cries, we’ve listened to your comments, we’ve seen your desks and home offices.

So we here at NEAT Receipts have donned our black turtleneck for this special announcement. We don’t know how many people will be live-blogging the release, or providing un-boxing photos or first pics, videos to YouTube, etc. So take a seat – this one will blow your mind.

Did you know that billions of receipts, business cards and documents are stored on people’s desks and in their filing cabinets, on their floors, on their kitchen tables, stuffed in wallets, purses, car visors, and more? People hold on to these quick-fading miniature acknowledgments of their transactions for hundreds of reasons, but one thing is clear – they’re cumbersome in numbers, difficult to file, and almost impossible to search.

That’s why we’re announcing today the availability of NEAT Receipts Version 3.0. — a revolutionary step forward in paperless receipt, business card and document management. It can store all your receipts — scanned and analyzed by intelligent OCR technology — into the NEAT Receipts database, so you can throw away, shred, or burn all of those annoying little pieces of unorganized madness that represent your purchasing life – and have them all available to you on your hard drive, right on your computer.

Some exciting new features in Version 3.0 include:

Smart Sorting™
Scan and process multiple documents and automatically organize them all at once

Enhanced PDF Functionality
- Convert documents into PDF format with the press of a button
- Select and copy editable text from a PDF

Keyword Search
Search through receipts, business cards, and documents for specific keywords

2007 Tax Categories Update
Get the latest IRS tax categories for your 2007 expenses to ensure that tax time 2008 is headache and hassle-free! (Update available in early 2008.)

Incredible, isn’t it? A paperless world… paper scanned at the touch of a button, automatically organized, read by the genius SCANALIZER technology built into NEAT Receipts.

Oh, one more thing. NEAT Receipts Version 3.0 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista.

Mac users, don’t dismay. While you and your new Leopard are getting acquainted, we will be busy building a shiny new version of NEAT Receipts just for you.

For our current users, the upgrade is $49.95 and available as either a CD or a software download.

Learn more here.

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