The Unboxing of NEAT Receipts for Mac

May 7th, 2008 by Neat

We here at NEAT Receipts are very excited about the recent release of NEAT Receipts for Mac. We’ve received some really positive feedback from our customers, so the Marketing department has decided to unchain Andy the Mac developer from his desk for a few minutes, so he could share with you this beautiful out-of-box experience. But don’t worry – he’s back at his desk now, locked up tight, and working on the first software update. Thanks Andy!



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  1. M Says:

    Andy the Mac developer is my hero!

  2. Chad Says:

    Andy’s soothing voice made me question if he is really a developer or actually a professional voice actor/hand model.

  3. DJCarbon43 Says:

    Chad, thats disturbing. Lets keep our fantasies about Andy’s hands out of this, shall we?

  4. Barack Obama Says:

    That was very exciting.

  5. Flingester Says:

    Can we have another video about the software, please? I want to know, is this my long-awaited Strobe Pro replacement, so I can finally let go of Classic on my dying PBG4 and buy a MacBook Pro with Leopard? Does it do all the things my beloved but obsolete Strobe Pro does? Looooong grocery receipts? Chinese cookie fortunes? Straighten and trim to document bounds? OCR? I’m used to saving everything as 1-bit 300dpi+ compressed PDF with text, which I’d like to do one-step, not the two-step I do now, exporting multipage TIFF to Acrobat Pro.

  6. Richard Says:

    Does anyone know if the stand alone business card scanner that lists itself as a pc version has any software for use with mac? I do not need a receipt scanner just a business card scanner but I am on a mac?? I have sent info. to this website but have not received a reply? Thanks for your help.

  7. john Says:

    More than three months have passed since this post. When are you putting the Mac version in stores? J&R says they’ve ordered it.

    And are you still thinking the revised software won’t come out for more than another 3 months?

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