High-Voltage Launch Party

October 8th, 2008 by Neat

As you may have heard, last week NeatReceipts transformed…into The Neat Company. For those of us doing the transforming, it meant a lot of long hours, late nights, and cold pizza. So to celebrate everyone’s hard work and a wildly successful launch, we had a little party! Now, for those of you familiar with the Neat parties, this was a bit of a departure for us. No beer pong or car bombs…instead, we all wore our fancy clothes and sipped “Neatinis” in the Chinese Rotunda at U Penn’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Don’t believe me? We’ll post some pictures soon to prove it.

But before you think of us as just another fun startup that got big and corporate-y, don’t despair. As part of the celebration, we created a “high-voltage” music video in honor of our Neat transformation. (Thanks, Electric Six!)



3 Responses

  1. Ben Kessler Says:

    Pure, ridiculousness. It’s cool to finally see inside the Neat Company mad laboratory though.

  2. Brad Says:

    I just got my NeatDesk in the mail, can’t wait to get it going!

  3. Mark Hamlyn Says:

    This will help the environment by using less paper and, organize all the receipts in a orderly fashion for future reference

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