NeatReceipts for Mac is Almost Here!

December 11th, 2008 by Neat

News from the Neat Developer Lab:

Version 2 is almost here and we’ve added many of the features and functionality you’ve been asking for. In fact, the enhancements are so powerful, we’ve renamed it.

Introducing… NeatWorks for Mac 2.0!

NeatWorks for Mac 2.0 takes paper digitization and organization to a new level. Version 1 made it easy to manage and track receipts and documents. Version 2 extends the power of our patented technology to business cards, Quicken and third-party hardware!

Scan business cards
Key data will be identified and extracted and the contact information, as well as the image of the card, will automatically be added to your Address Book, which can be sync’d with your iPhone.

Export to Quicken
Receipt data and notes can be exported to QIF format, making it simple to manage everyday spending.

Third-party hardware
NeatWorks for Mac 2.0 is compatible with the following third-party scanners and multi-function printers: Fujitsu S300M, Fujitsu S510M, Canon Pixma MX310, Canon Pixma MP480 and HP Officejet J6480.

We’ve also updated the user interface, fixed bugs and improved performance!

Key Features:

Scan in receipts to:

- Create expense reports
- Keep detailed records of your spending
- Save digital copies for tax documentation (accepted by the IRS)
- Create data to Quicken

Scan in business cards to:

- Capture contact information
- Save copies of original business cards
- Send contacts to Address Book
- Sync contacts with your iPhone

Scan in documents to:

- Create searchable PDFs
- Capture text that you can edit
- Organize documents into collections
- Organize Your Information:

Other features include:

  • Create separate libraries for multiple businesses, projects or time periods.
  • Organize documents by collections so you can keep relevant items organized together.
  • Create Smart Collections of receipts or documents based on specific criteria such as vendor name and category.
  • Import PDF copies of receipts and documents stored on your hard drive.

  • If you are a current user of NeatReceipts for Mac, you will be alerted automatically when the update is available, right after the New Year.

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    21 Responses

    1. Georgia Archer Says:

      I am confused.

      I am a MAC user – I also bought the Neat receipts scanner then downloaded the MAC software to make it work.

      How can I upgrade and also does NeatDesk do all that Neat Office does?

      I want to be able to export to finance programs as well as scan Word Documents.

      Thanks! Georgia
      PS – I do love the product and had wnated to purchase for X-mas gifts, but this Mac issue makes it very difficult.

    2. Christiaan Says:

      That’s great. Now all we need is multi-currency support so I can use one in New Zealand and the UK.

      Coming any time soon?

    3. Ben Says:

      Will your NeatDesk scanner be able to run on Mac with this update?

    4. Gregory Peterson Says:

      After upgrading to the most recent MAC software, I have been getting this message:

      The default library was not found at the location “/Users/Gregory/Documents/BUSINESS/ARCHETYPE COMMUNICATIONS/ARCHETYPE COMMUNICATIONS, INCORPORATED/ARCHETYPE COMMUNICATIONS Expenses 2008/ARCHETYPE COMMUNICATIONS INC..nrmlib”. Would you like to create it?

      I don’t want to lose all the data I have accumulated. Best way to handle this? And how can I avoid this problem when the new release is available?

      Thanks for your help…


    5. Carol Ferger Says:

      I received a Neat Receipts Mobile Scanner & Digital Filing System for Christmas. I have a MacBook Pro and I can’t find anything that says it will work on a Mac. It lists Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. Do I need to purchase a different scanner for a Mac or Is the sofware made for both? Please advise.
      Thank You,
      Carol Ferger

    6. Scott Gosline Says:

      Please advise of NeatWorks v2.0 for Mac. I currently am using PC version but am contemplating a move to the MAC

    7. Rob Says:

      So the Mac version supports third party scanners, will the PC version as well?

    8. Al Krupa Jr Says:

      I presently use Neat Receipts Version 3.0 for windows. Due to never ending problems with the Vista operating system, I have switched to a Mac. How can i obtain the Mac version of Neat Receipts?


    9. Bruce Says:

      I thought there was once a note on the website indicating an 05 January release date. This must have been pushed back, but what is the new date? Thanks.

    10. Ryan Crozier Says:

      Hey! I’m so excited for the update! I just opened the program and let me know it had an update! I’m looking forward to using it and testing out the new features. I’m really excited about the addition of the Business Cards! I also use Evernote’s software! It would be great to see a connection between you two!

    11. Todd Stout Says:

      How about adding the ability to import photos of receipts taken with the iPhone.

    12. HMcM Says:

      The tuaw at says, “… NeatWorks for Mac. It’s available for US$59.95″ but the site says $79.95. What happened to the better price? Simply a typo or is there a special for tuaw readers?

    13. Richard Karstens Says:

      I received the Neat Receipts for Mac from my son for Christmas. I have not installed the version 1.1 yet, waiting for the new 2.0. I travel, thus making contact with my mail difficult. Will or is the 2.0 downloadable? Should I install 1.1 now or wait for 2.0? Thanks

    14. ian rogers Says:

      I just got neatworks for mac.
      I am having a time getting it to sync with my Fujitsu s510m

      Is there a solution?


      I am still waiting for a version of networks 2.03 that will run on my Mac.
      This version causes my mac to freeze up.


    16. Neat Says:

      MARTIN: Please submit a bug report or contact Technical Support about this issue, if you have not already. We are currently working on a maintenance release that will hopefully fix this issue. You will be automatically notified when it becomes available.

      ian: Check out for configuration instructions.

      Richard: You should install 1.1 now – the software will prompt you to download the 2.0 upgrade, which you will receive for free.

      HMcM: Unfortunately, the $59.95 price was a show special only, and it should have been reported to the TAUW community as $79.95. We apologize for the confusion.

      Bruce: The product was released in early January. If you are a current user, you should be alerted of the update in the application.

      Al: Please contact Customer Support, and they will be able to assist you.

      Carol: We sell the PC and Mac versions of NeatReceipts as separate products, so it is likely that the product you have will not work on a Mac. But the Mac software is now available as a standalone product which you may purchase at This software will work with the scanner you already have.

      Gregory: Please submit a bug report or contact Technical Support about this issue, if you have not already. We are currently working on a maintenance release that will hopefully fix this issue. You will be automatically notified when it becomes available.

      Ben: We are currently working on a NeatDesk for Mac product and hope to release it in early Spring. You can sign up to receive updates at so you’ll be the first to know when it becomes available.

      Christiaan: We hope to release plans for an English-language compatible version in the next 6-12 months.

      Georgia: You can always get the most up-to-date version of the software by going to NeatWorks > Check For Updates in the menu. Currently NeatDesk and Scan To Office functionality is not supported on the Mac platform. (We are currently working on a NeatDesk for Mac product and hope to release it in early Spring.)

    17. GUIDO AA DELGADO Says:

      I do a lot of international travel. The software doesn’t support multi-currency receipts?

    18. Chuck Says:

      I bought the mac neatworks and scanner. I want to export to office when will that be available? i need to get it into Excel as that is where my expense reports are.

    19. Jean Yarbrough Says:

      I want to do all my file cabinets. Will the Neat desk do both legal and regular size paper? What do you do scan a folder at a time and it will name the folder in word document and will it work in Word 8 for Mac as well as Word 8 for windows?

    20. Rob Donatucci Says:

      Hello Neat!
      You answered a question that Carol Ferger asked about switching to a Mac… Well I too bought a Mac and would like to use my Neat Receipts scanner on it… you said that the scanner will be useable for both PC and Mac so therefore it’s just the software that differs… you also said there were two separate software available, one for Mac and one for PC…. seeing how I already paid 200$ for the PC version should I not be allowed to get the software for Mac for free??? and if not then you can you explain why not? If I’m required to pay for the Mac software I’m thinking I am getting scammed… what do you think?
      Rob D.

    21. Keith Says:

      Hey, is Neat Receipts English only? or will it do receipts in other languages?

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