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June 24th, 2010 by Neat

Enter to win a one-on-one productivity coaching session with this month’s Featured Neat Fleet Member, Orna Drawas!

Orna is author of Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch, productivity speaker, coach and trainer. She focuses on achieving high priority goals, the ones that drive people and businesses towards real and measurable results. Business coach to some of the world’s largest corporations, Orna is here to help the Neat Community succeed in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world. Click here to learn more about Orna.

How To Enter
To enter to win a one-on-one productivity coaching session with Orna, share your best productivity tip by commenting on this blog post. One lucky winner will receive 3 one-hour phone sessions – a $1200 value! The winner will be selected at the close of business on Friday, July 30th, 2010.
No purchase necessary. For complete contest rule, please click here.

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26 Responses

  1. Tom H. Says:

    I have a seperate file folder on my computer for Neat scan PDF’s. So if I’m just scanning a .pdf in order to email, it collects them all in one place. Then once a month I can go into that particular folder and clean them out if need be. This keeps my permanently saved .pdf files away from my email only .pdf files. Much cleaner this way.

  2. Rich Says:

    File daily. If you scan, and organize, your receipts once a day it will only take you a few minutes. If you let them build up to weekly, or worse monthly, you will have a pile of paper,need hours to organize, and forget the purpose of some receipts.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Print to PDF, then import into NeatWorks and/or file in a folder. I use the print to PDF feature to digitally organize all my online receipts, confirmations, donations, important emails, google maps, interesting articles and some web pages.

  4. Carlos Smith Says:

    I was hesitant to migrate from a Windows based Laptop to a a MacBook Pro because I was concerned Neat software wouldn’t run on a mac. However, I made the move with tremendous success. I find the macintosh OS helps me stay better organized and I sit down to work with less aniety and more enthusiasm. The 17″ screen helps me lay out my documents for easier editing and reading and weighs the same as my HP laptop I moved from. How do I run Neat software and scanner? I run VMware Fusion and Windows 7 in a virtual machine. Works flawlessly! My life and work has improved significantly with the combination of Neat and a MacBook Pro.

  5. Howard G. Says:

    I use my Neat Scanner to scan and then organize my home and office bills, receipts and other important papers on my computer. So far, I have eliminated several drawers of paper files. Much better this way!

  6. Roger Harmon Says:

    I keep my Neat scanner set up next to my computer so that when my wife or I come home from shopping we can feed any receipts directly into NeatWorks. Saves time when “we” have to return something, searching in NeatWorks is much faster then through the accordion file where the originals are stored.

  7. Sherrie Says:

    I have installed a separate hard-drive on my computer to help further the Neat receipts concept. I simply create separate folders on my hard disk and save .pdf files or .jpeg files in their respective folders. I take the hard disk out and keep using it for all my neat receipts products.

  8. Byron Gregory Says:

    I carry notecards. I have them easily accessible in a coat or shirt pocket so I can capture thoughts and ideas immediately. Then, when I’m back in my office, I convert them into actions.

  9. Judy Says:

    I scan every few days so my receipts and papers don’t pile up. The keyword search is great. Instead of digging through a drawer or cabinet, I can now find things in just a few seconds!

  10. Franklin Says:

    I use my NeatReceipts for all of my expenses; I try to scan my receipts at least once a day. I use their tax categories and last year when I filed my taxes, all I had to do was email the file to my accountant! It saved me a tremendous amount of time, and my accountant loved it as well.

  11. Sandy McClelland Says:

    I have just started using my neat receipt scanner and am excited to be able to track spending. My goal is to continue to trim wasted expenses. Wasted money adds up to huge amounts and knowing where we waste our money allows us the opportunity to make our finances so much more productive. It isn’t just about the amount of money we bring in as income, it is how we use that money.

  12. Darrell Rogers Says:

    I have a unit that is always in my suitcase so when on business travel at the end of the day all the cards, notes and receipts are scanned and ready when I return home for expense reports and the paper copies are in an envelope ready to file.

    now no lost receipts to chase down.

  13. M Kalmus Says:

    We have customers at our coffee shop who pay by credit card and some often include a tip with their CC payment. I scan each nightly Credit Card Settlement report, creating a column that totals the credit card tips. This way, I can divide the total tips received every two-week pay period and distribute the tips to employees based on the number of hours each employee worked that pay period.

    It’s an equitable solution see that everyone shares in the tips customers pay.

  14. Tami Stackelhouse Says:

    As a Health Coach for women with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, I am always on the lookout for articles that will help my clients. I also do a lot of reading to keep me up-to-speed on what is happening in the field: all the latest research, new drugs, non-drug alternatives, nutritional approaches, etc.

    I have a busy schedule and don’t have time to read all these articles when I find them. Instead, I scan them using my Neat scanner and file them into a “To Read” category I can access from my iPhone & iPad. Whenever I have spare time on my hands, waiting at the chiropractor’s office or at the DMV, I’ll read an article. After I’ve read an article and know what it’s about, I’ll attach the appropriate tags: fibro, pain, nutrition, blog ideas, coaching, etc.

  15. Doug Hatch Says:

    Having the NEAT Business Card Scanner at trade shows is an invaluable tool to capture who has been to your booth, what you discussed, and followup actions that are necessary. Many times I have made someones day because they forgot to bring a pile of cards and only have one left. No problem! Scan it and hand it back to them! You have what you need with NEAT.

  16. Chris Michaels Says:

    We recently purchased the Neat scanner. My husband has been overwhelmed with paper in his office and has a hard time letting go of anything. Unfortunately, this equates to chaos and the inability to actually locate anything when you need it. We really need a way to digitize and organize everything. Then I found the Neat scanner. It works like a champ. We are now capturing all of his receipts that he has been saving and are moving on to other documents. It is so easy to use and is making it much easier to locate items quickly. The best part is that it reduces the paper clutter and saves space.

  17. Dr Burdick Says:

    As a health care practitioner who specializes in placing individuals in specialized treatment programs, I have a a large number of receipts for reimbursements and such, along with paper that needs scanning and storing within specific folders for follow up. It’s useful to put contacts through scanning to then use on both Mac and PC. NEAT is a device made in heaven for me and my practice.

  18. Karen Darley Says:

    Every piece of paper that comes into our home gets either immediately thrown away (think empty envelopes, junk mail, etc), or scanned. This way, there are no great piles on the kitchen counter, dinning table and in the office. It is so easy to be productive with a clean work-space.
    Important papers are given a tag, date and filed. The rest simply go to a folder labelled ‘household’, which gets emptied at the end of the year (or earlier, if necessary)It is so easy to reference what you need. It’s hard to imagine life now without it!

  19. Lisa Whiting Says:

    I got a neat receipt scanner for my birthday from my boyfriend. I used it to scan in all my tax deductable receipts for my business. It is wonderful!

    My productivity tip is to break up your day into manageable time chunks. I get side tracked easily by things on my daily to-do list, so what I have done is take an egg timer and set it for 20 minuets. Starting at the top of my list I spend 20 minuets on each task and if I think of something during that 20 minuets that I need to do, or if there is something that may sidetrack me, I write it down at the end of my to do list and continue on with my chosen task. When the egg timer goes off, I switch tasks. Even f I am not completely done with the task at hand, I let my self get up and stretch my legs. I often give my self a reward at the end of a timer buzz. It can be as simple as I can check my email, or get another cup of coffee, or follow threw with the items that would have side tracked me. Once I have received my “reward”, then I can set the timer for another 20 minuets, finish a task or continue down my list until my list is done.

  20. Beth Garland Says:

    I scan all my credit card receipts and file them by the monthly credit card statement they are billed on. As I file the reciepts I assign them to the Quicken categories they belong to (exactly as named in Quicken). I export that monthly file to a .qif file and then import that file into the proper Quicken Credit Card Account. All the transactions are then properly categorized in Quicken and tax prepartation is done by importing Quicken into TurboTax.

  21. Gabriela Laquerre Says:

    I scan (write the year on it before scanning them) my son’s art work from school and keep only a few of my favorite ones. The ones I scanned I used them as wall paper on my desktop computer or screen savers. After a few years this beautiful creations can pile up and its hard to let go (sentimental value!) this way I know I can still have his art without taking a lot of space.

  22. Georgia Thomas Says:

    If I had a Neat scanner I could use it for our recent home construction project organizing all the permits into pdf files by categories!

  23. Heather Pagarani Says:

    I have my own way of organizing, but I hope you can help me to do it better.

    I find the thing that helps me most in organizing is to keep it simple, do not try to make it perfect. One day at a time, and in time you will have it done and you can live your life.

  24. Sophia Says:

    I implemented a mail system in my home. Every day I take two minutes to go through the mail and immediately recycle, shred or scan in items. By immediately scanning items I need or want to file, it prevents me from having to hunt it down later or from putting it on the giant pile I used to have. Now, if I need to find something, I find it by keyword search. So much easier!

  25. John Filicetti Says:

    While on the road, I collect all receipts in a colored folder so it is easy to find and everything is collected. I use my Neat Business Card scanner to scan all collected business cards from customers and people I meet while traveling. When I return to my home, I scan all receipts on my home scanner. I would love a Neat Scanner to be able to do this on the road like I am reading others can do. I have been traveling most weeks over the past few years.

  26. Larry Megason Says:

    Being an Executive Director of an international charity has me processing hundreds of pieces of information daily. Everything from checks, deposits, invoices, mission critical global communications, and more are easily categorized and complied with my neat scanner. As a non-profit, I look for ways to save resources and reapply them where they are most needed. People around the planet depend on my leadership. I gladly utilize any process that helps my organization thrive.

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