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October 19th, 2010 by Neat

Enter to win a FREE 1 hour consultation with Small Business Guru, Lou Hutt!

Lou is an accountant, attorney, entrepreneur, author and radio personality. Lou knows how to maneuver and manage the many challenges a small business owner or entrepreneur faces on a daily basis. He has taught hundreds of small business owners techniques and strategies for increasing their financial returns, enhancing business growth and realizing business goals and he’s here to help the Neat Community. Click here to learn more about Lou.

How To Enter
To enter to win a 1 hour consultation with Lou, tell us about the most daunting financial or strategic challenge you face in your business by commenting on this blog post. The winner will be selected at the close of business on Friday, November 12, 2010. No purchase necessary. For complete contest rules, please click here.

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So whether you have a question about the software, would like advice on how to start your own business or need a home office makeover, the Fleet is there to assist. Meet the Fleet now!


25 Responses

  1. Adrian Roup Says:

    The industry of online video is redefining itself and presents some of the greatest risk and greatest opportunity out there. On the one hand the conventional content producing companies dry up one by one due to high overheads and over capitalization in technology that is reaches obsolescence faster than before. On the other hand, new content driven and low overhead entities such as “” are taking over as online content has finally migrated to the home television set creating the new “OTT” or Over the Top model of content distribution. My business is engaged in the daily struggle to define itself in this exciting and rapidly changing environment. Efficiency in administration and management of time will be key to my success. I would embrace and be very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Lou Hutt.

  2. Eberhard Fitzner Says:

    I own a franchise. TSS Photography is the Leader in School, Sport, and Event Photography. My most daunting challenge is that most of the time I negotiate with school principals, league directors, picture day organizers, etc. although they are not my real customers. My customers are the parents of the children I photograph on picture days. The specific interest of the people I initially work with (school principals, league directors, picture day organizers, etc. looking for fundraiser opportunities, financial kick-back, free products) are usually contradicting the parent’s interest – nice pictures, great products, low prices.

  3. Tom Poland Says:

    Managing creditors when cash flow is lumpy – I really need some tips on better financial control and management

  4. rob win Says:

    I am interested in setting up my accounting books using Quickbooks – I would like assistance on such a software setup.

  5. Gery G Hunter Says:

    How to initiate and optimize marketing and sales strategies on a show string.
    The bandwidth ( between the ears) required to create and manage the steps of marketing process to move to next level tipping point.

    Talk to me about how to inplement and automate a system that will start the lead generation process

  6. Mary Ann Cassidy Says:

    You have to pardon me because I’m a little shook up at the moment. The email just prior to yours was from the IRS (NOT) saying that our tax payment did not go through. When I contacted them I heard a recorded message that there is a phishing problem going on and if you received an email from the IRS, you really didn’t! Just two weeks ago we had almost the same thing happen with a Verizon rep who came into the office, credentials in hand, to alter our phone lines. Good prices, but NOT an AUTHORIZED REP. They really don’t work for Verizon. Again… last month, we found an extra charge on our phone bill. When we called concerning it we were told that this is an outside company. When we called them, they had a recorded message that one of our employees agreed to their service. She did not, and we had to file a complaint concerning that too. SOOO…. you want to know the most daunting thing we do during the day? It’s certainly not teeth (we are a dental office.) It is trying to stay afloat in all of the techno-junk (I cleaned up the word) that is out there. It is sad but very true. So, obviously organization is a must to stay sharp; and you have to be RAZOR SHARP to keep it together in the business world today. I hope to learn more to protect our business, as well as ourselves.

  7. TONI KOBA Says:

    Currently the hardest issue to deal with are loan officer’s and broker’s saying “the other title company can do that to save my customer money”, then I have to explain to them that “what the other title companies are doing is against the law”. I do lose business because of it but I am not willing to risk my license for a few hundred bucks so I am really struggling to get the business in the door. I have reduced my company down to just myself and have sacrificed so much, as others have too. I am in jeopardy of losing my home and everything I have worked so hard for but I will not risk losing my company or my integrity. Fortunately I have some customer’s that truely appreciate my work ethics. Some of the things lenders tell a title company is really mind boggling and you can’t tell anyone. I can’t believe that they don’t understand why the housing market is in the situation it is.

  8. Manuel Prestamo Says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. We really appreciate it.

    The most daunting challange we keep facing is planning the amount of advertising and staffing costs in order to balance those expenses with the need to provide better customer services and continue our level of growth. We are small arts management company that represents a growing number of performing artists and ensembles, mostly from the classical world. We also provide programming and grant writing services to a number of performing arts venues and performing arts series housed within small colleges and universities.

  9. Richard costabile Says:

    How to solve procrastination.

  10. Alice Hooper Says:

    Hi Lou,
    My most daunting task as a small business owner is knowing how to prepare a proper business plan and keeping my office organized. I come from and employee background and have been my own boss for 5 years. I am a people person and the office organization and keeping some money for myself has been the biggest challenge. For example, I have made a six figure income this year and I currently have more debt than I ever have had!! I spent a lot of money on branding and marketing materials and have not realized a return on that yet. The other thing is keeping my books organized. I saw the Neat scanner at the Toronto airport in Dec 2008. I told a friend about it, whom I respected very much when it comes to technical things, and he poo-pooed it so I didn’t get it. I am looking for one now, but just havent’ gotten it yet. I bought Simply Accounting but that isn’t what I am looking for – it’s too complicated for me. Anyways, I am rambling now. I need to get ORGANIZED!!! That’s the bottom line. Business plan and an organized office.

  11. dan deyton Says:

    as with many small business owners I am one man show sale calls , proposals, leads, presentations, you name I do it. But I wish I could convert all the lost time I have wasted looking for a name, contact, e-mail or phone number. As we all know time is money and not being organized is the biggest time thief of them all. Now where did I put that reciept??

  12. Frederick Taylor Says:

    I am building a new business in challenging economic times. How do I find investors and working capital?

  13. Sean Spellecy Says:

    The most day daunting situation I face now is finding a direct manufactuer for my child safety devices. It seems to be locked up that I have to deal with a 3rd party no matter what we try. 2nd challenge is the best phone system that doesn’t cost a ton and can fit my company needs.

  14. Jay Mihalak Says:

    You sound awesome!

  15. Ronald Robinson Says:

    Would like to start a business in the home office, small business orginization field.

  16. Joyce Woodson Says:

    My challenge is I don’t have enough time in a day. I arrive at work two hours ahead to get my desk ready for the day. At the end of the day it is where I started in the morning. I have many points in the da that I believe the neat company can help, but why would I put something else on my desk. Maybe in writing this I do not get across the complete challenge that I have, but believe me it is here.

  17. Tom Parell DVM Says:

    IN the current economy pet care has declined. WEe are seeing less patients and less revenues per visit. People are just afraid to spend. To work through this I beleive we, as a team, just have to work harder at servicing the clients we have, attracting new clients, and out performing the competition when it come to the types of, quality of, and sincerely empathetic level of service we offer. The problem – most of the staff have been influenced by the entitlement society we have let develop over the past 50 years. No matter what we try to influence them, cajole them, reward them, even punish them they just don’t seem to connnect the dots between their/our success and their efforts.

  18. W.M.Asher Says:

    Providing an organized, up to date source of financial data for bugeting & financial planning is always a challange that must usually be delegated for the medical professional. Neat Receipts provides a convenient mechanism for this.

  19. Andrew Bern Says:

    I would welcome the opportunity.

    Andrew Bern

  20. Robert Wolfshagen Says:

    Most daunting challenge would be increasing my bottom line. Through effeciency and/ or customer pricing.

  21. Donna Wooten Says:

    I am totally lost on what to save, what to toss, what categories I need to save things into. HELP!

  22. charles coley Says:

    Wanting to start up a BioPlastic company supplying the BioTech Industries. Difficult to determine market size, processes required, & growth by products. Then, determine the best way to create the capital required to capitalize on the market. Have proven, extensive, successful plastic manufacturing experience from a start up thru the building process and selling company to a Fortune 100 company.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  23. Lisa Says:

    My husband and I own a small business. What is the best way to organize and get the most out of our finances in a married and business situation? Of course any other tips are helpful as I can’t ask for specific help if I don’t know, what I don’t know. Thanks in advance.

  24. angela terrell Says:

    My husband was sick for two years with Lou Gehrigs and died on July 1 of this year. He ran a janitorial and window washing business. I was his secretary, accounts receivable and payable, and payroll clerk. It’s a small business, so it didn’t require too much of my time. However, a year ago, I had to also start managing because the business was suffering. I’ve never been a manager, so I’m learning as I go. I did this while taking care of him and managing a household. Even though he’s gone, I’m busier than ever. My business records aren’t on Quick Books and are manual. (I have used Quicken before.) I’ve always wanted neat receipts to organize his business expenses as well as our personal bills, but didn’t get one. I’m using my 13-year old granddaughter to help with invoicing. At first I wanted to hire a supervisor, but when a few car dealers in Santa Monica were taken away from me, I had more time. I feel like I need a secretary or bookkeeper, but don’t know which one. I would also like to free up my time to aquire new business. Please help!–I’m a little overwhelmed.

  25. Kelly Allen Says:

    As a small business owner who is going through my first IRS mail audit, I am finding out that the way I have organized my receipts and paperwork is not what the IRS expects a small business owner to do. It has always worked for us, and our accountant who does our tax returns has been very happy with how we do things. BUT (big but), the IRS wants our records in a differently organized way. Also, some of the receipts we’ve kept are the flimsy paper receipts that fade after a couple years in the file drawers and now the IRS won’t accept a blank faded receipt even though we kept it (we didn’t know that some printers that use heat instead of ink to turn the paper black will fade), and even though we promptly entered it into our Quickbooks at time of purchase, well… quite frankly I’m disgusted with the distrust our own government has for us. I want to comply, I have been complying, but now … arghh… Anyway, I want to do what I can upfront to make this whole process easier. I know if we just file it the way the IRS wants it in the first place.. this audit process would be so much less painful. I believe in working hard up front initially and doing things right the first time.. so I can be lazy later and not have to rework or play ‘catch-up’. So… Can Lou help me?

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