Neat in Wall Street Journal- End the Paper Chase

January 10th, 2011 by Neat

NeatDesk featured in the Wall Street Journal in an article talking about conquering your paper-filled world.

Take a look at the great article and all the unique products to help you achieve a clean and organized
paper-less life.


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  1. Abram Garcia Says:

    I used to go through a couple of very nice wallets per year because my receipts would pile up soooo badly when I was on the road weeks at a time before getting to submit expense reports! Now, as soon as I build up a few receipts I scan them and create an expense report and toss out the receipts. My nice wallet stays nice and I can always reference the receipts if I ever need to make a return or file for a rebate.

  2. hazel wagner Says:

    We shuttle back and forth during the winter between Illinois and California. Since getting the potable Neat device we no longer have to hold onto lots of receipts and bits of paper. Just scan and store them to make them accessible from wherever we are at the moment. We are ready to respond to our accountant with the information whenever he is ready to work on our taxes.

    We also don’t have to rely on our memory since it is so easy to do a search and find exactly the data we need.

  3. Lewis Says:

    I so want one of these. It will literally CHANGE MY LIFE!

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