January 26th, 2011 by Neat

It’s official, tax season is here! Don’t panic, there’s good news…

To help you this tax season, Neat is giving away free tax help! Tell us how Neat helps you, or could help you, tame your Paper Monster this tax season and you could be one of the ten lucky winners to receive $1,000 towards tax preparation.

3 Ways to Enter:

1. Comment on our Blog or Facebook page and tell us how Neat helps you during tax season and complete the form (click on the link below for the form).
2. Follow The Neat Company on Twitter and re-tweet the contest by posting this: I want to tame the Paper Monster this tax season #NeatCompany – detail here:
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18 Responses


    I was fed up with receipt of different size, it is very difficult to organize them. I thought there should be something available in market which can solve my problem and I found Neat Receipt through Google It has reduced my paper clutter to great extent.

    Thanks Neat Receipt.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Neat will help during tax season by eliminating the clutter of receipts to go through. Everything becomes searchable and indexable.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Neat could help me tame my paper monster this tax season and throughout the year by help me reclaim my desk space I seemed to have lost to this ever-growing monster. As a new entrepreneur with a fledgling business start-up, Neat would battle the paper monster for me with every scan it unleashes at that vicious monster, allowing my to focus on growing my business…like the sleight-of-hand ability of David Copperfield or Criss Angel, the unpleasing sight of growing piles of paper would vanish into an aesthetically looking NeatReceipt scanner and a clean desk space.

  4. Greg Enos Says:

    I am thrilled by the ease of scanning receipts. Unfortunately, some of the full page receipts scanned as documents. How do I get them converted ?

  5. Melody Says:

    Just ordered mine! I can’t wait – I am drowning in paper!!!!!!!!!!! Help – save me!

  6. Jason Says:

    I used to keep piles and piles of receipts in envelopes to keep them organized. NeatReceipts allowed me to simply scan them in and easily find the ones I need, and then throw them away! It makes preparing my taxes so much easier. Thank you!

  7. Laurie Harrison Says:

    I don’t have a neat tip this year. Divorce my husband might work. He is terrible about papers. He lays them everywhere. Then asks me where they went months later. The Neat Receipt looks like a necessity rather than just another cool gadget on the market. I’m sure it would be very helpful to us.

  8. Michelle Says:

    Between personal paperwork and my husband’s business… this would eliminate the mounds of paperwork that take over in various spots in the house… so want one of these.. they’re “neat” :)

  9. Byron Says:

    I am using the Neat portable and have made so much progress in reducing paper receipts….I am amazed at how wonderful this is and cannot believe how easy it is….Great Product!

  10. Al T Says:

    I need to recover my desk space and keep the wife happy. Finding the information on the receipt to prepare taxes would be fantastic. I would much rather scan receipts as they come in throughout the year, instead of trying to go though my shoebox.

  11. Alison Says:

    I don’t have a Neat product yet…just a terrible paper monster! It certainly sounds like it could help.

  12. jamila Says:

    I just brought the neatreceipts and I am looking forward to tax time next year when everything is organized and ready for anything!

  13. Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} Says:

    Neat helps me during tax season with easy-to-find, effortless, paperless tax documentation :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  14. Christopher E. Says:

    Indexing receipts as searchable data sounds like a great way to decrease some of my clutter and save time. I don’t have one *yet* ;) … but would love to get one soon. Thanks!

  15. Mary Says:

    My husband always waits until the very last minute to do our taxes because he hates the receipt sorting–the resulting stress is incredible…imagine if we had something like this that could be used to do all the organizing throughout the year…taxes would be easy!

  16. David College Says:

    I clearly see how Neat could help me during tax time. I currently use a web-based platform to monitor my transactions and I mark certain transactions as Tax-Related. But, this does not provide the full information. I only know the transaction date, company, and amount. I do not know exactly what is on the actual receipt. So, I must locate the actual receipt. What a pain that is.

  17. Kimberley Says:

    The Paper Monster has visited my address and must be holding my tax documents hostage! Time is running out and I need to file, yet I can’t find all of my papers. Where did he go with my 1099′s? I had a bunch of receipts in a box somewhere and he must have taken those too! Gee- my real estate tax documents were right here in a folder and now they’re missing. Where or where is last year’s tax return? It never ends! I heard the only way to keep The Paper Monster at bay is to get a Neat scanner. So while I hope to get one soon, can someone please tell me if they see the Paper Monster running down the road with a box of my documents? He needs to be tamed. Originally I thought a little threat of fire should do it, but instead it looks like a Neat scanner will work!

  18. Why you need insurance Says:

    Thanks, I used to keep piles and piles of receipts in envelopes to keep them organized. NeatReceipts allowed me to simply scan them in and easily find the ones I need, and then throw them away!

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