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February 14th, 2011 by Neat

I bought Neat Receipts when it first came on the market, and every year when tax time comes around I love it more.
What I wanted to say after looking at your testimonials is…hasn’t anyone else thought of putting all their recipes in Neat Receipts documents? Wow, it is so cool. I found out I had 2,355 recipes. No wonder I had trouble finding the recipe I wanted inside my old file folders. Chicken recipes and Cookie recipes had so many recipes I could never find the recipe I wanted without a bit of time and frustration. I had a whole file drawer of files jammed with recipes. They are now in alphabetical order, and the folders stay in alphabetical order, too.
I had to type in all the recipe names, but that only took a little bit of work, giving me a chance to create section groups so they are easy to find. Get this! Neat Receipts is so cool, I can copy recipes that I want to several other folders if I want. For instance, I can put cherry cookies in the cookie file or in the cherry file…or both, just in case I’m looking for something to make with cherries!
This is great for cooks!!! Not only that, it was a trip down memory lane as I found such aged recipes that they were nearly falling apart and turning brown from my grandmothers. It has preserved their handwriting forever.
I love this invention!
Barbara R.

Barbara – Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s great to hear the many ways people use Neat to get/stay organized!

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  1. marc822 Says:

    Love the Neat Scanner for all the reasons everyone else does.
    But I learned a hard lesson on saving your back up file.
    1) If ever you need to re-format your hard drive.
    ALWAYS save your Neatworks backup file separately on a different media. Just in case something goes wrong.

    2) If you do use a backup program for the hard drive, make sure it transfers as file to file and NOT zipped or compressed. Neat’s files are already compressed and this may cause problems according to “Dr. Geek” whom I used in an attempt to retrieve the backup file to no avail. It got corrupted.

    Well, it’s not like my life is ruined but it be nice to have my stuff back. :-(

  2. Leslie Gulman Says:

    We have receipts (bank, sales purchases, personal letters, etc. which span at least 20 years. We have been scanning them for the past several months. This is the first time Neat will help with our tax returns. It used to take days to organize the receipts but now they’re all in order! Your products are amazing!
    Sincerely, Leslie

  3. Richard Ahearn Says:

    The Neatdesk is missing one good marketing feature: family photo scanning.

    There is no adjustable guide to multi-feed in photographs.

    However I made one of cardboard, removed the other guide slots and inserted it in the Documents path. Generally it worked fine. The resolution pretty good enough for the job.

    So if they produced a photo slot and, ideally, slowed the scanner to obtain higher resolution, they would really have a winner among the less business-like users.

    I haven’t really fully tested the machine fully to do a full review. I found the documentation and use not wildly intuitive and user friendly. But my impression so far is good.

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