Win a One-Hour Tax Consultation Session with Lou Hutt!

March 22nd, 2011 by Neat

Neat Fleet Member and Tax Expert, Attorney and Business Coach, Lou Hutt, will help one lucky winner get the most out of Tax time.

Comment on this blog post and tell us why you need Lou’s help, and you could win a FREE 1-hour tax consultation!


53 Responses

  1. Paula Says:

    Definitely need tax help! And would love Neat Receipts to get me organized.

  2. val denn Says:

    I work in the arts, and between Canada and US, I could use some tax advice on how to stay organized between both countries.

  3. Rosalyn Says:

    Wow, we are in a new area of our business and we need that extra ummp to help us get to the next level.Neat receipts was a great start,a conference with Lou would just be the icing on the cake!

  4. Abby Hostetter Says:

    Conquering one hurdle at a time. My Neat Desk has helped me get receipts in order and make some kind of sense out of the whole accounting disaster I have. I need help putting together a game plan for this upcoming year. Would love to meet with Lou.

  5. Jo Ellen Jackson Says:

    I need all the help you can share with me.Iam even having trouble bring up 2009′s to cross over to 2010. help

  6. Jo Ellen Jackson Says:

    I need all the help you can share with me.Iam even having trouble bring up 2009′s to cross over to 2010. help

  7. Jo Ellen Jackson Says:

    I need all the help you can share with me.Iam even having trouble bring up 2009′s to cross over to 2010. help

  8. Jo Ellen Jackson Says:

    I need all the help you can share with me.Iam even having trouble bring up 2009′s to cross over to 2010. help

  9. Jo Ellen Jackson Says:

    I need all the help you can share with me.Iam even having trouble bring up 2009′s to cross over to 2010. help

  10. DENNIS Says:

    I need organization help desperately! I am surround by piles of papers from trying to be self-employed as a cater; accountant; consultant; non-profit event organizer; successor trustee to the family estate that includes 2 rental properties and a vacation home; maintain my own home and father of 2 children 19 & 21. On top of this I have now 4 Years of TAXES to do both estate and personal.
    I know all these piles and mounds of paper are not making me be productive and clear thinking. I am very ashamed and depressed. I look at it as doom & gloom. I used to be very organized and paid bills on time. I need Neat and HELP!

  11. Ryan Says:

    Would love a consultation to utilize some accounting tasks!

  12. Natasha Pickard Says:

    I’m a Army Contractor/Family Child Care Provider. I run a child care for our military men and women. I’m open 24 hrs a day for Drill Sgts and single parents as well as dual military. Many of my kids stay overnight or days at a time. My time is very limited and I’m finding myself buriied by receipts. I have my own family at home, mom of 5 boys. My down time is used for cleaning,planning or spending time w/ my family..or sleep! I’m getting ready to order this and can’t wait to get organized.

  13. Elizabeth Gabel Says:

    My tax records are a disaster…piles everywhere. For years, I have filed an extension and struggle to get it all together. I have a business, my husband has a business, and we have one together! We need help to figure out how to make the most of tax filing and get some $$ back. Do we file separately or jointly? We’re both 64, married only 1.5 years, and are trying to keep our finances separate to make things easier for our children at our passing. However, we need help soon to make the April 15 deadline!! What do say…do we deserve the help?

  14. Zenasurialpacas Says:

    A new business, a move for both the ranch and us, a gift shop–all in the same year. Are we insane? Not quite yet but working on it. Help.

  15. Christie Partsafas Says:

    I would love all the help I could get to get organized, not only for me but for my father who is a sucessfull business man, but because of health reasons is unable take care of his own fiancials. I would love to be able to make him proud of me by taking care of his financials like he has for all these years by hand. (not computer)

    Thank you!

  16. Sabrina Gagnon Says:

    Hi, i would love to win this consultation as i could definitely use it for my business and also for my personal taxes.

    Thank you very much,

    Sabrina Gagnon

  17. Thomas Says:

    I’m a self-employed classical singer (and for 2010, still a full-time student) with lots of travel expenses, 1099s, and a whole summer’s worth of income that was filed by my employer as non-taxable per diem. I want to deduct my expenses from my time spent working for that company, but have to declare all of that income somehow. A little bit of help sure would be appreciated!

  18. Patty Says:

    Now that I’m using Neat Receipts, it would be great to know what tax form to assign to my receipts to make tax time preparation more efficient. Our taxes are complex, in my opinion, as a comml landlord, residential landlord, relocated employee, bonus, etc…so much and so little knowledge. It would be super to learn the best way to manage it all.

  19. wendi Says:

    We love our neat receipts and how it helps us stay organized and stive to be a paperless company. We would love to have a financial expert give us tips! Thanks Neat Receipts for the chance to win!

  20. Virginia Larsen Says:

    This would help my Dad, who is legally blind, assist me to organize my new business entity. He was able to hold my Neat Receipts mobile scanner close enough to see where he could insert my receipts. I certainly need the help, but more importantly, he will feel useful again.

  21. Lucas Says:

    My wife and I own a startup and was recently advised by our local SBDC office to seek expert advice from an accountant and an attorney. Lou sounds like he can provide everything we need to start off right, and I would much rather meet and deal with a single individual than with multiple people so as to get more holistic advice.



  23. Gary Beatty Says:

    Organization is my biggest downfall.And not being organized and keeping track of expenses .I do have Neatworks but I’m just not fully utilizing it for my tax advantage.HELP.

  24. Ray Says:

    As “chief cook and bottle washer” I am fully immersed in the Entrepreneur Experience. Items of penultimate inportance such as making sure every tax and investment opportunity is realized end up being those things that you think…or at least hope…you’ve done all you can. Finding that person that has the knowledge, expertise and willingness to devote time to one’s unique situation is a daunting challenge.
    While it is easy to beleive one’s situation is entirely unique I do beleive that many, if not most, entrepreneurs find themselves in the same boat.
    For these reasons I think I would benefit from and would like to share those benefits with the community the results of consulting with someone like Lou Hutt.

  25. Kalen Howell Says:

    Small growing IT Consulting Firm, looking to improve and enhance Cash Flow Management.

    Looking forward to winning!

  26. Sylvia Yarbrough Says:

    Need help setting up Neat machine and transfering documents to manageable program(s).

  27. Robert Says:

    Love to hear more from a tax attorney, I’ve got to deal with a tax challenge of several Million with Revenue Canada and I can’t show my hard copy proof since that is held by the RCMP for a trial which is now on it’s 8 years and finally be heard for 6 months if I have to continue as self defense on April 26, 2011

  28. Rebecca Says:

    I’m new to doing taxes since I just got married, it would be great to get help!

  29. Prabhjit Says:

    I am not sure if I know everything I need to know about my taxes and feel I could be saving a lot more, if I just knew more!

  30. Karen Says:

    Anything to speed up the entering process and keeping up with daily receipts would be appreciated. This is especially important when businesses owners are also working in the business & doing the paperwork.

  31. WILLIAM mILLS Says:

    We use Neat Receipts already! However, we need to know how to turn our various data sources into a resource. Mr. Hutt’s experience and advise is desperately needed and would be greatly appreciated.

  32. Kaki Lybbert Says:

    As a full time Real Estate agent, it is a struggle to stay organized on the business side and owning 10 rent houses and all my expenses. I am underwater trying to keep all my finances straight.

  33. S.R. McCrackin Says:

    New attorney in private practice and could really use the help.

  34. BARB Says:


  35. Dianne Howard Says:

    I use Quicken & previously ordered (and cancelled) neat. I can’t figure out how it benefits me in making bookkeeping & tax time easier. I have 7+ rental properties (duplexes & 4-plexes) to keep track of, plus stock & bond investments, etc .Help!

  36. Rosanne Puchal Says:

    I am so overwhelmed and could use some guidance. Thanks.

  37. Rosanne Puchal Says:

    I am so overwhelmed and could use some guidance. Thanks.

  38. Rosanne Puchal Says:

    I am so overwhelmed and could use some guidance. Thanks.

  39. Rosanne Puchal Says:

    I am so overwhelmed and could use some guidance. Thanks.

  40. Rosanne Puchal Says:

    I am so overwhelmed and could use some guidance. Thanks.

  41. Greg Says:

    After teaching middle school math all day, I come hoe to face the task of keeping my wifes insurance business books. I have never received any formal training and would love to get some tips on streamling my “second job”

  42. Jeannie Says:

    It would be nice to have some accounting and bookkeeping advice from someone well versed in neat receipts. I got the tool, now I just need some guidance to utilize it efficiently!!

  43. Melanie Says:

    Would love to hear strategies to get the most out of my business.

  44. Stacey Autodore Says:

    I’ve just launched a new pet care/pet sitting business in Florida. I have set the business up as an LLC but need some help on the tax laws, etc. My previous history was in NJ and I’m worried that I will not have the proper documents that I need for my new state. I’m already a Neat Receipts user – and I love it!

  45. Noel Hinman Says:

    Would like help in setting up the NEET scanner I bought so it can function the way it was intended to. I need help from wherever it is available. Been in business for over 38 years in the Health Insurance business and self employed and look at this as a time saver if I can get it to function as it was designed.
    Thanks Noel :-) >

  46. Zainab Says:

    We could use Lou Hutt’s advise greatly on our start up “C” corporation. We have many questions regarding tax laws and legal protection from liabilities under “C” corp., vs. “S”. Advice given by two different accountants has created doubts on which avenue is best for future of business. It would be most valuable to receive advice from a professional who is an expert in all fields.

  47. kelle plotner Says:

    Sad to say it’s like I bought a Rolls, yet driving a pinto. I need help to use Neat Receipts to it’s full capacity so I can get both my husbands construction company and my Medical consulting company straightened out.

  48. Trisha Says:

    Staring out using the Neat System and would to door right from the start. Figuring out how to label everything and track everything properly for taxes is so confusing. I am not the smartest bulb and wish I could get your help! Thanks for the opportunity to win the contest.

  49. Kimberly Says:

    I am an owner of a automobile tranportation company and we are rapidly growing. I want to get more organized. We have two children already and are due to have a baby later this year I want to get more organized to be able to bring someone else in to help with some of my duties. I still run the admin side by my self. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  50. Kimberly Says:

    Side bar I use Quickbooks 2010 and I have NeatReceipts.

  51. Kathy Says:

    My husband and I run a small construction company and I also work at a local university as an assistant director. I do all the bookwork for the company after I put in 11 hour days at my other job. I purchased Neat Receipts and have it set up, but find that I set the scanning aside to “do later”. Later doesn’t happen and our time is so limited to do the accounting part of the business that it gets overwhelming trying to keep a clear focus. Neat Receipts is a great tool, I have Peachtree accounting software which is also a big help. My question is how do I increase efficiency and find the best practices for our business.

  52. Terri Says:

    Well, farming is my husbands love but I get to be the one to do his books, help me figure out a better way.

  53. Tina Says:

    Need help simplifying finances/paper so life can be easier to manage! I’m self-employed and care-giver to 2 70+ parents so economy of time is crucial. Would love Lou’s guidance!

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