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March 12th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

“I wish there were more hours in a day.” I’ve said it, you’ve said it, I’m sure everyone has said it at some point because we all feel the strain of endless responsibilities. That’s precisely why productivity is such a hot topic now-a-days.

No matter who you are, I’m sure you are concerned with how to work smarter, maximize results, and save time in order to be more productive – but I want to let you know that the first step to productivity depends on your ability to manage the constant flow of information in your life. Don’t worry though, if you are using Neat, you are way ahead of the game!

I’d like to share a few ways that Neat helps with my productivity. Maybe you’ll get some ideas of how you can work smarter with Neat too!

Neat helps me…

Maintain Key Relationships – Whether I’m meeting new business executives at networking events, or scouting out the best contractor to build my new patio, Neat successfully manages all of my contacts. I scan business cards on-the-go with NeatMobile and then conveniently export the contacts to Mac Address Book when I’m back at the office. If you’re not a Mac user no worries, you can export your contacts to Outlook and Plaxo.

Manage Expenses – No matter where I am, I track my business and personal expenses by scanning all of my receipts and assigning them to specific tax categories so that I won’t miss a deduction come tax time. When tax time arrives, I use NeatCloud to share tax folders with my accountant so that I never even have to visit him.  As for my expense report, at the end of each month  I never worry about submitting it because I create itemized expense reports with the reporting function in Neat’s software. A simple email and it’s in the hands of our accounting department.

Stay Relevant – As a chief marketing officer, it’s so important that I remain up-to-date on the latest industry and community news. I archive important competitor information for easy reference by importing significant emails or online articles directly into Neat’s software – that way I can access it via NeatMobile when I’m taking the train or need to reference it in a meeting.

Build Employee Efficiency – In today’s society, time is money and maximizing employee efficiency is key. Using Neat, I can share folders or files with my marketing team so that everyone has quick and easy access to collaborate, edit, or add new files for discussion.

Neat has changed the way that I work, and hopefully it will change the way that you work too! Don’t stress about managing all of your paperwork, just let Neat do it for you.

Until next time…keep it Neat!


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