Stay Organized Well After Spring with Neat

March 19th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

Even though it still feels like winter here in Philadelphia, spring is just a day away and now is the best time to do a clean sweep of your home before the weather heats up. Now, if you’re anything like my family, you start out with the intention and determination to finally get the spring cleaning to stick. However, one of the biggest challenges is keeping everything organized – especially when bills, receipts and other papers start piling up on the kitchen table.

Luckily, with Neat my wife and I can manage and organize all of our family’s paperwork quickly and easily. To help you stay more organized, I’ve included a few different ways we’re using Neat:

  • Since wedding season is around the corner, making sure invitations don’t get lumped in our junk mail pile isn’t easy. With Neat, my wife scans invites and save-the-dates, making it quick and easy to find important details like dates, times, and locations.
  • Utility bills, maintenance invoices, and receipts collect daily in our home. To streamline our budgeting process, we import electronic receipts and scan paper invoices into Neat. At the end of the month, we run reports to keep track of our spending and realize if we spent a little too much on dinners out.
  • With summer right on the heels of spring, we’re already prepping for our annual 4th of July barbecue. Instead of relying on a rarely up-to-date address book, we quickly find and get in touch with family and friends by managing everyone’s contact information in Neat. The ability to export our contacts to Mac Address Book makes it easy to send out an email invite to everyone.
  • I usually pick up the groceries for the week on Saturday, while my wife takes the kids to baseball practice. To make sure I never forget anything, I snap a picture of the chalkboard grocery list with NeatMobile and access it once I’m at the store.

If you’ve got tips on how you use Neat to get and stayed organized, let us know! Tweet us @neatcompany or visit us on Facebook.

Until Next Time…Keep it Neat!


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