How Neat Became This Business Owner’s Go-To Tool

April 16th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

As a small business tax consultant and banking liaison, Kevin Hodel is constantly on the road traveling between clients. Kevin relies on Neat’s cloud-based Digital Filing System solutions to access, organize, and manage client files regardless of his location.

Before Neat became an integral part of his business activities, Kevin was tied to his desk and dependent on a paper-intensive process involving filing cabinets and color-coded folders. Since adopting Neat, Kevin’s ability to efficiently manage his clients’ files and documents allows him to maximize the time spent on-site with a client and never having to carry around a brief case loaded with paper.


The Mobile Office

Since Kevin visits multiple clients on a daily basis, traveling light is essential. With a laptop, iPhone, mobile printer, and Neat’s cloud and mobile services, Kevin can accomplish all the same tasks that are possible from his office. Often he is faced with clients providing the original copies of their contracts, financial statements and notary documents. With NeatMobile, Kevin can quickly scan the information using the camera on his iPhone and then access the information in NeatCloud. 


More Time with Clients, Less with Paper 

Before using Neat, Kevin spent between one and three hours a day making copies, organizing, and locating client paperwork. The process became so time intensive that the prior week’s work would often go unfiled until Saturday rolled around.

Now with NeatCloud and NeatMobile, Kevin can quickly add client information directly to his Digital Filing System. Once he’s back in his office and turns on his computer, the new information will sync with the Neat software on his desktop; drastically reducing the time spent rummaging through filing cabinets.

With a growing business, Kevin is glad Neat has given him the ability to reduce the time he spends with paper so that he can focus on what his clients need. He continues to find new ways to employ Neat’s whole line of Digital Filing System solutions, often recommending his clients start using them in their own lives.


Until Next Time…Keep it Neat!



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