Small Business Owner Gains Office Space and a Greener Garden with Neat

April 30th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

Andrea Pack, owner of Pack Design, initially bought NeatDesk to de-clutter an office overrun by piles of paperwork.  As a residential space designer, Andrea collects many sketches, magazine tear-outs, notes and receipts that are essential references for her projects.

After using Neat, Andrea gained back a lot of valuable office space, but still had piles of paper she didn’t want to just throw away. Instead, Andrea used the papers to keep weeds at bay from her newly planted cherry tree sapling. By putting papers down in layers around the tree, she created a great barrier against weed growth.

Andrea outside of her office

Andrea outside of her office

Andrea’s Trick to Make Your Garden Greener

If you want to keep the weeds away in your own garden this summer, Andrea recommends you try her trick. Simply water your soil, and then layer old paperwork around your plants, making sure you overlap the documents to prevent any cracks where weeds could pop up. After layering the paper, be sure to water the paper so it stays in place, then completely cover with mulch. When employing this easy trick in your garden, make sure you don’t use documents with sensitive information.

Andrea working in her garden

Andrea working in her garden

More Ways to Keep Your Garden in Full Bloom

Although I don’t have green thumbs, my wife loves to garden and constantly gets inspired by magazine spreads, seed catalogs and even hot new plants at the local nursery. With NeatMobile, she captures and shares her favorite flowers, garden plans and designs with her garden club right from her smartphone.

NeatMobile also comes in handy when she needs quick access to her list of must-have plants while she’s shopping online or at the nursery. She also uses NeatCloud to save and import posts from her favorite garden blogs when she finds great how-to tips and tricks she’ll use throughout the summer.

Until Next Time…Keep it Neat!


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