Give Busy Moms the Gift of Time

May 10th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, finding that perfect present for my wife always seems to get a little harder each year.  However, I’ve found that the gifts she loves most are those she can use every day to get the one thing she, and practically every other Mom truly desires, more time. With Neat, busy Moms can gain back time typically lost to everyday tasks and hopefully take a little bit more time for themselves and the things they love to do most.

As an avid Neat user, I asked my wife to provide some examples of how she uses Neat to stay organized and gain more time back in her hectic schedule. Here’s a list of the top ways she’s using Neat:

  • While running errands at the grocery store, she snaps pictures of receipts with her mobile phone to avoid accumulating a mess of receipts in her purse. This little step is also a huge help in keeping track of the month’s expenses.
  • Receiving papers from three kids’ schools typically leads to a mess on our kitchen counter.  To avoid the confusion and mess, we have a NeatDesk set up where the kids drop off their papers and then we scan everything into one folder at the end of the day.
  • As our kids continue to grow, we like to have a record of all of their accomplishments, from great report cards and artwork to school projects. To make sure we have everything saved, my wife constantly uses Neat and then shares everything with our extended family members.
  • Since my wife loves to cook, she created a digital recipe box in Neat to store her favorite recipes and add new ones from family and friends. This has proven to be a great option to keep the original handwritten notes and prevent the cards from getting lost or damaged while cooking.

If you’re a Mom, let us know the tips and tricks you use to stay on track in your busy life.

Until Next Time…Keep it Neat!


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