How Neat Altered Business Processes for a Logistics Provider

June 17th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

Chris Cadigan is not the average business owner. As the president of CRC Logistics, Inc., he leads a busy life and managing paper and digital information is one area that demands a significant portion of his time. Looking to find a solution that would increase his business’ efficiency, he set out to find a system that would decrease the time and costs associated with managing important information while affording access to multiple employees. That’s when Chris found Neat’s Digital Filing System solutions and chose NeatDesk to aid in his information management crisis.


NeatDesk Offers Simplicity within Chaos

With simple set-up and an intuitive interface, Chris was able to begin utilizing Neat’s Digital Filing System within a matter of minutes. He began by scanning important documents, shredding those that didn’t need to be saved in hardcopy, and was able to almost entirely eliminate his paper files.

After digitizing and organizing the company’s files, Chris made sure each of his employees was well versed on how to use the NeatDesk scanner and Digital Filing System software. Now each employee at CRC Logistics can scan, organize, and access needed information quickly and efficiently, allowing more of their focus to be devoted to growing the business and delivering high levels of customer service.


Secure Back-up and Access with NeatCloud

Looking to gain further business and operational benefits, Chris decided to employ Neat’s cloud service and mobile app, NeatCloud.  Drawn to the ability to have his business information safely and securely backed-up, NeatCloud not only offered peace of mind, but meant CRC Logistics files could be accessed anywhere, and additional information could be added remotely with Neat’s mobile app. The services Neat offered became a solution for several  problems CRC Logistics had been experiencing and provided a way to best manage and access their information on-the-go.

By employing Neat’s Digital Filing System solutions Chris was able to improve the overall efficiency of his business by drastically altering how they managed and organized important information. These changes have not only allowed CRC Logistics to save money once tied up by inefficient processes, but also provide the added flexibility to capture, organize, and access information whenever its needed.


Until Next Time…Keep it Neat!


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