Registered Nurse and Consultant Achieves Paper-Less Bliss

June 24th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

Carin Steele, a registered nurse and consultant for McKesson’s Horizon Orders Implementation Services Group, assists hospitals in installing electronic medical record system software. The software provides facilities with a simplified and accurate process for managing and updating patient records electronically, thereby improving billing, eliminating medication order errors and modernizing the patient note taking processes. Once the software programs are in place, hospital employees can reduce their reliance on paper-based patient records and management processes, allowing them to provide greater levels of patient care and achieve highly accurate patient records.

Motivated by helping hospitals better manage patient information, Carin wanted to find a solution that would allow her to better organize her personal and business files, reduce the amount of time spent compiling tax information, and keep better track of business expenses.

Cloud-Based Digital Filing System Offers Solution to Managing Information 

During her search, Carin discovered Neat’s Digital Filing System solutions, NeatReceipts and NeatDesk. First using NeatReceipts, Carin began her transition to the paper-less life through digitizing important information and found significant time savings and increased productivity. By having information readily accessible in a keyword searchable database that provided tax, expense, and budget reporting capabilities, she saved countless hours once devoted to managing financial information throughout the year, especially during tax season.

Experiencing phenomenal results with Neat’s desktop software and scanners, Carin wanted to take the paper-less lifestyle a step further and utilized NeatCloud and the mobile application. With NeatCloud, Carin and her husband eliminated the stress of shuffling papers and emails back and forth, ensuring both had the information they needed when they needed it. They could share, access, activate, and capture information anytime, anywhere with their mobile devices – greatly reducing the amount of paper brought back into their home.

Now more organized than ever before, Carin is pleased with how much Neat’s Digital Filing System solutions have increased her productivity by providing valuable time saving features that reduce the complexity in managing important information.  Additionally, she is grateful that Neat’s solutions have afforded her the ability to achieve and maintain a paper-less lifestyle that she provides her customers.


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