NeatCloud’s Mobile App Makes Managing Finances a Breeze

July 24th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

Now more than ever before, people rely on their smartphones to do everything from scheduling dinner reservations, to getting driving directions, and responding to email. Here at Neat, we knew it was crucial to provide a comprehensive tool that allowed people to manage their important information from the devices that constantly grace their pockets and purses.

With NeatCloud’s mobile app users can capture, access, and organize information, create expense reports, and share important information at any time, from anywhere. Below we’ve included just a few examples of how you can better manage your financial information with NeatCloud’s mobile app.

Capture Financial Information Accurately

Scan receipts and invoices on-the-go using your iOS or Android mobile device and let Neat’s OCR and parsing technology do the rest. Key information such as date, total, tax and more are automatically extracted and placed into the correct data field. When coupled with NeatVerify, our mobile data verification service, you can ensure 100% accuracy for all mobile scans of receipts, even if they are faded or include handwritten totals.

Instantly Create Expense Reports

No more digging through wallets, purses, and pockets to find receipts to tally up your expenses. Create comprehensive, professional expense reports in an instant by selecting individual receipts or a folder of financial files on your mobile device. All expense reports include a summary of all expenses, a breakdown of each expense by vendor, date, and category, as well as an image of each receipt, bill, or invoice.

Prep for Tax Season

Relieve the stress associated with prepping for tax season by staying on top of your deductions all year long. When scanning receipts, bills, or invoices you can easily assign deduction categories (medical/dental, travel, etc.) and then create folders to keep track of information by year. Additionally you can share important tax information and expense reports directly with your accountant via email. The accountant or shared user then has the ability to comment back and forth on the information to make sure taxes are filed properly.

If you’re interested in learning more ways that you can take advantage of NeatCloud’s mobile app, check out our latest video here.


Until next time…keep it Neat!



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