Neat Helps Parents Get Ready for Back-to-School Time

August 19th, 2013 by Evan Kramer

If you’re a parent, you know that the back-to-school season is as much about getting yourself ready for a new school year as it is about preparing your children.  For my wife and me, each school year seems busier than the last one with even more activities, PTA meetings, homework and field trips.  In addition to busier schedules, we also have to deal with an inundation of emails with school updates and information, as well as our three children bringing home the same information in their backpacks.

To keep track of the information overload that comes with school’s start, my wife and I rely on Neat to help us stay organized.  Here are a few tips that we would like to share on how you can make the upcoming school year more manageable with Neat:

  • With several dates to remember throughout the school year, keeping school calendars and activity schedules in Neat has been a huge help, allowing us to keep track of everything including spring break schedules, teacher in-service days, soccer games and much more.
  • We’ve scanned health insurance information, medical history forms and medication lists into Neat so it’s easy to share information when it comes time for activity and school registration.  It’s also helpful to have a back-up of these records in Neat to ensure they’re never misplaced.
  • Since we get separate supply lists for each child’s school and activities each year, importing them into NeatCloud is a great way to have easy access to them while we’re shopping.  By opening the folder dedicated to  school supplies with Neat’s mobile app, we know everything that’s needed and can leave notes and comments so that we don’t duplicate shopping efforts.

Since the new school year is coming up quickly, having an easy way to stay organized amid the chaotic back-to-school rush is key.  Consider including Neat in your back-to-school preparations and you’re sure to start the new year off right.

Until Next Time…Keep it Neat!



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