Show us your Messy Office and Win a Day with a Professional Organizer!

August 5th, 2010

Does your small office or home office need some organizing help? If so, you can win a day with Monica Ricci, our newest featured Neat Fleet Member and Organizer Extraordinaire!

A disorganized office leads to less productivity and efficiency, so let Monica help you streamline your workspace and get control of your desk, paperwork and calendar! To enter, please create a video or photo montage of your workspace, to show us why you need Monica’s help. Upload it to YouTube or Flickr, and submit your entry with a URL.

The lucky winner will receive a six hour organization session with Monica Ricci. Contest entries will be accepted until September 15, 2010, so get out that camera and show us your mess!

Enter the contest and download official contest rules. Good luck!

Learn more about Monica Ricci and the The Neat Fleet.

Five Things You Can Do Immediately To Improve Your Productivity 50%!

July 7th, 2010

By Orna Drawas, Motivational Speaker and Productivity Expert

Good News: Superstars are made, not born! Even better . . . you can make some simple changes in your life to become a rock star. Nothing too drastic, just some small modifications can do the trick. Here are five simple ideas that can make a very big impact – very quickly.

#1 – Turn your To-Do list into an Action list.
So many things to do, you don’t know where to begin. That’s the problem with long lists of projects and tasks. Just the sight of your To-Do List can leave you dazed and confused; or feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Solution: Convert your To-Do List into an Action List that tells you exactly what needs to be done next to move those projects along. Begin every entry on your List with an action word such as: create, discuss, resolve, present, identify, send, pick-up, develop, show, etc. Now when you look at your Action List, you know exactly what action to take to move things forward and begin making things happen.

#2 – Accomplish ONE important thing every day.
Spend 5 minutes the night before and decide on one important thing you want to accomplish tomorrow . . . just one. And then, commit to getting it done by scheduling it on your calendar. You are much more likely to work on a project or a task if your calendar pops up to remind you of your commitment. Imagine if you are able to accomplish one important thing each day, five important things each week and 20 important things each month. How would that change your life?

#3 – Focus. Focus. Focus.
With innovations like the Internet, Twitter, Skype and PDAs, the world is your oyster. Opportunity knows no bounds. Possibilities are endless . . . and herein lies the problem. What should you do when you have so many options? The answer – “less is more!” Control yourself and FOCUS on those things that will help you reach your goals the fastest or best way possible. Select two or three things and do them well. Make an impact. Remember – it is better to move three things a mile than 100 things an inch.

#4 – Learn to Love Deadlines.
One of these days is none of these days….. In other words, without deadlines, nothing would get done. Use deadlines to manage activity and get quality results. Aggressive deadlines present a challenge. People love a good challenge and get enormous satisfaction from exceeding expectations. Set deadlines that are aggressive, that cause you and your team to stretch, but not break. The reward is high quality work and a great level of personal satisfaction.

#5 – Touch each piece of paper once.
Humbug! The paperless office hasn’t quite materialized. We still handle documents, business cards, receipts, forms…. all types of paper – every day. Leaving those documents in a pile on your desk wastes countless hours searching for valuable information. Take advantage of the technology at your fingertips. Scan your receipts, business cards and documents into NeatWorks weekly, then easily access important information in minutes, saving you time and producing better results.

Win a FREE Productivity Consultation Session!

June 24th, 2010

Enter to win a one-on-one productivity coaching session with this month’s Featured Neat Fleet Member, Orna Drawas!

Orna is author of Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch, productivity speaker, coach and trainer. She focuses on achieving high priority goals, the ones that drive people and businesses towards real and measurable results. Business coach to some of the world’s largest corporations, Orna is here to help the Neat Community succeed in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world. Click here to learn more about Orna.

How To Enter
To enter to win a one-on-one productivity coaching session with Orna, share your best productivity tip by commenting on this blog post. One lucky winner will receive 3 one-hour phone sessions – a $1200 value! The winner will be selected at the close of business on Friday, July 30th, 2010.
No purchase necessary. For complete contest rule, please click here.

About The Neat Fleet
The Neat Fleet is a highly-tactical dream team of Neat power users with specialized skill sets and knowledge and they’re here to serve as a personal and professional resource for the Neat Community. The Fleet consists of industry experts in a variety of fields and topics. We have Professional Organizers, Productivity Experts, Tax Preparers, and Entrepreneurs (just to name a few!). Every month a different member will be featured and during that month, the Neat Fleeter will provide expert advice, tips and guidance. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the expert questions, participate in Live Chat sessions and webinars, and enter to win the members’ services.

So whether you have a question about the software, would like advice on how to start your own business or need a home office makeover, the Fleet is there to assist. Meet the Fleet now!

Winners of the Earth Day NeatDesk Giveaway Revealed!

April 26th, 2010

Everyone here at The Neat Company was thrilled at the overwhelming response to our Earth Day NeatDesk Giveaway contest. With over 1000 blog comments and nearly 500 re-tweets, we are still poring through all the great comments we received, describing all the ways a NeatDesk scanner and digital filing system would help you go green while taming the paper monster.

We selected 5 winners at random from both the blog and Twitter entries. Below are the winners, along with some of their comments. We truly hope that NeatDesk will help you all realize your dreams of total digital organization!


Chris S.
“I’d love to continue my “GOIN GREEN” kick!! For my work, I’m currently taping my receipts to a piece of copy paper to turn in with a document describing who was with me for dinners or what the receipt is for. Then I make a copy of it for my records… This Neat Desk Unit could convert my entire system to a “PAPERLESS” System and allow me to step up my “GOIN GREEN” one more level!! I’m already paying bills & everything electronically. Now all I need to do is submit my expenses electronically and store the copies in electronic files too! I’m ready Neat Company, won’t you help me “STEP IT UP”!”

Amy S.
“I currently have a paperless office – NOW is the time to go paperless at home! With all the documents, bills and paperwork – i can finally rid myself of all those piles of paper laying around.”

Patsy S.
“I use a paper shredder to reduce and recycle the amount of paper that enters my home every day. I would love to win a NeatDesk to not only create a “neat” desk but to eliminate alot more paper cluttering my home office. If I win, this would be the first Neat product I’ve owned but I’m sure not the last after reading the many comments about your fabulous products.”




Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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