NeatWorks for Mac v3.5 Released

March 24th, 2011

We released NeatWorks® for Mac v3.5 into the market. This update introduces a completely new comprehensive tax report, strengthened exporting capabilities and more.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

Comprehensive Tax Report Function
We’re excited to introduce a new feature that enables users to roll-up tax deductible expenses by category. As before, you’re able to easily assign tax categories to each scanned receipt—making itemized deductions easy. You can also create expense reports, track spending and find important information when it is needed. The result: a more efficient system to use year-round in preparation for tax season.

Exporting Capabilities are Strengthened
There are good reasons for that…the new exporting capabilities are designed to perform triple duty.
First, it lets you export to Turbo Tax® which speeds up and simplifies the tax process. Second, it allows users to send directly to Excel and Numbers which makes for an efficient tax report. Third, performance optimizations make for quick uploading, so you can have extra “me” time.

Some More Features Include…
• Increased optical character recognition (OCR) and parsing accuracy reduces data entry and enhances reliability
• Expanded support for third party scanners allows for compatibility with the latest Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners and HP and Canon’s leading scanners

Dear Neat…

February 14th, 2011

I bought Neat Receipts when it first came on the market, and every year when tax time comes around I love it more.
What I wanted to say after looking at your testimonials is…hasn’t anyone else thought of putting all their recipes in Neat Receipts documents? Wow, it is so cool. I found out I had 2,355 recipes. No wonder I had trouble finding the recipe I wanted inside my old file folders. Chicken recipes and Cookie recipes had so many recipes I could never find the recipe I wanted without a bit of time and frustration. I had a whole file drawer of files jammed with recipes. They are now in alphabetical order, and the folders stay in alphabetical order, too.
I had to type in all the recipe names, but that only took a little bit of work, giving me a chance to create section groups so they are easy to find. Get this! Neat Receipts is so cool, I can copy recipes that I want to several other folders if I want. For instance, I can put cherry cookies in the cookie file or in the cherry file…or both, just in case I’m looking for something to make with cherries!
This is great for cooks!!! Not only that, it was a trip down memory lane as I found such aged recipes that they were nearly falling apart and turning brown from my grandmothers. It has preserved their handwriting forever.
I love this invention!
Barbara R.

Barbara – Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s great to hear the many ways people use Neat to get/stay organized!

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January 26th, 2011

It’s official, tax season is here! Don’t panic, there’s good news…

To help you this tax season, Neat is giving away free tax help! Tell us how Neat helps you, or could help you, tame your Paper Monster this tax season and you could be one of the ten lucky winners to receive $1,000 towards tax preparation.

3 Ways to Enter:

1. Comment on our Blog or Facebook page and tell us how Neat helps you during tax season and complete the form (click on the link below for the form).
2. Follow The Neat Company on Twitter and re-tweet the contest by posting this: I want to tame the Paper Monster this tax season #NeatCompany – detail here:
3. Post the contest on your Blog (if you have one) and complete the form (click on the link below for the form).

Click on the link below for form and complete contest rules.

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Paper Monster Video

January 21st, 2011

Does this Paper Monster remind you of the Paper Monster taking over your life?

Watch the Paper Monster in full effect and learn how you can tame the beast by downloading the E-book for a clutter-free life.

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