NeatReceipts for Mac is Almost Here!

December 11th, 2008

News from the Neat Developer Lab:

Version 2 is almost here and we’ve added many of the features and functionality you’ve been asking for. In fact, the enhancements are so powerful, we’ve renamed it.

Introducing… NeatWorks for Mac 2.0!

NeatWorks for Mac 2.0 takes paper digitization and organization to a new level. Version 1 made it easy to manage and track receipts and documents. Version 2 extends the power of our patented technology to business cards, Quicken and third-party hardware!

Scan business cards
Key data will be identified and extracted and the contact information, as well as the image of the card, will automatically be added to your Address Book, which can be sync’d with your iPhone.

Export to Quicken
Receipt data and notes can be exported to QIF format, making it simple to manage everyday spending.

Third-party hardware
NeatWorks for Mac 2.0 is compatible with the following third-party scanners and multi-function printers: Fujitsu S300M, Fujitsu S510M, Canon Pixma MX310, Canon Pixma MP480 and HP Officejet J6480.

We’ve also updated the user interface, fixed bugs and improved performance!

Key Features:

Scan in receipts to:

- Create expense reports
- Keep detailed records of your spending
- Save digital copies for tax documentation (accepted by the IRS)
- Create data to Quicken

Scan in business cards to:

- Capture contact information
- Save copies of original business cards
- Send contacts to Address Book
- Sync contacts with your iPhone

Scan in documents to:

- Create searchable PDFs
- Capture text that you can edit
- Organize documents into collections
- Organize Your Information:

Other features include:

  • Create separate libraries for multiple businesses, projects or time periods.
  • Organize documents by collections so you can keep relevant items organized together.
  • Create Smart Collections of receipts or documents based on specific criteria such as vendor name and category.
  • Import PDF copies of receipts and documents stored on your hard drive.

  • If you are a current user of NeatReceipts for Mac, you will be alerted automatically when the update is available, right after the New Year.

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    Leopard, Schmeppard

    October 26th, 2007

    3.0 New

    There’s some hype today about software releases. The few Mac users here in our offices are excited about Apple’s release of the latest version of their OS, Mac OS X Leopard.

    But did you know there’s an even bigger announcement in software today? It effects millions of PC users around the globe, who suffer from massive receipt overload. We’ve heard your cries, we’ve listened to your comments, we’ve seen your desks and home offices.

    So we here at NEAT Receipts have donned our black turtleneck for this special announcement. We don’t know how many people will be live-blogging the release, or providing un-boxing photos or first pics, videos to YouTube, etc. So take a seat – this one will blow your mind.

    Did you know that billions of receipts, business cards and documents are stored on people’s desks and in their filing cabinets, on their floors, on their kitchen tables, stuffed in wallets, purses, car visors, and more? People hold on to these quick-fading miniature acknowledgments of their transactions for hundreds of reasons, but one thing is clear – they’re cumbersome in numbers, difficult to file, and almost impossible to search.

    That’s why we’re announcing today the availability of NEAT Receipts Version 3.0. — a revolutionary step forward in paperless receipt, business card and document management. It can store all your receipts — scanned and analyzed by intelligent OCR technology — into the NEAT Receipts database, so you can throw away, shred, or burn all of those annoying little pieces of unorganized madness that represent your purchasing life – and have them all available to you on your hard drive, right on your computer.

    Read the rest of this entry »

    The NEAT Receipts Version 3.0 UPGRADE is coming soon!

    September 25th, 2007

    We are excited to announce to our current customers that the NEAT Receipts Version 3.0 Upgrade is on its way, and it will be BETTER, SMARTER, and NEATER than ever!

    Starting today, current customers are invited to pre-order the upgrade at a special promotional price. Why should you upgrade? Visit: to check out all the great new productivity features.

    NeatReceipts and Windows Vista

    March 5th, 2007

    Dear Customers,
    Microsoft Vista introduced several security-related changes to the core functionality of the operation system that changed or interfered with long established software development practices. These changes include running software in a reduced-rights mode, and restrictions on writing to certain parts of the Windows registry, writing files to and from the installation directory, and the management of services such as MSDE.

    We’re making progress towards making NeatReceipts compatible with the changes in Vista. Here’s where we stand:

    • – We’ve currently identified all of the major issues that Vista introduced, have triaged those issues, and have development plans in place to address those that have not yet already been addressed.
    • – We have a large portion of our development staff solely dedicated to addressing these issues and creating Vista-compatible code for NeatReceipts.
    • – Every day we produce at least one if not more internal builds of NeatReceipts that we hand off to our Quality Assurance group, who diligently tests the changes for proper functionality in Vista. We’re dedicated to releasing a completely working version of Vista-compatible NeatReceipts, so we are spending a good deal of time on Quality Assurance and testing.
    • – We’re steadfastly staying on track to hit our target release this April.

    We understand the frustration that you feel, and are working to address every issue that Vista introduced into NeatReceipts, while making sure that any changes we do make do not create new issues for those users who have not yet chosen to upgrade to Windows Vista. Please be assured that we’re very dedicated to making NeatReceipts Vista-compatible, and will have an update ready within the next few weeks.


    The NeatReceipts Team

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