Combat the Post-Holiday Craze with NeatConnect

December 30th, 2013

After the holidays, we jump back to reality. It’s time to reboot and stay organized. Holiday shopping leaves us with more receipts to count, as well as multiple gift exchanges and returns. We do not realize that the weeks following the holiday season become just as crazy and stressful as holiday shopping itself.

Allow Neat to lend a hand. It newest product, the NeatConnect, will transform your receipts into digital files sending them directly to email or the cloud service of your choice. It ensures that you have easy access to key data wherever you are, through any device – whether it is a computer, iPhone, iPad or Android.

You can organize all of your expenses and know exactly where to find an important document. Neat makes dealing with pesky receipts faster and easier by spending less time dealing with paper and more time on what matters.
Its wireless capabilities help with gift exchanges and returns by allowing you to access and edit information from any room in the house or any store in the mall.

This year, eliminate the craze of the post-holiday season with NeatConnect and make the most of the New Year, clutter-free.

Until next time…Keep it Neat!

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Breeze Through Tax Season with NeatConnect

December 17th, 2013

It’s never too early to start preparing for tax season. However, many small businesses cringe at the thought of preparing their taxes and wait until the last minute, creating the ultimate headache and unnecessary expenses Today, more and more small business are choosing to stay ahead of the game and avoid tax time troubles early on.

Forward-thinking small businesses capitalize on a known tax advantage. They purchase products that minimize tax burdens up front before the year ends. These products also combat the time consuming task of locating, organizing, and tracking huge heaps of financial information for the accountants.

One such product, NeatConnect, the first wireless scanner to include direct-to-cloud capabilities, transforms hard-copy documents into digital files. Users can send these files directly to their accountant’s email account or with easy set-up, scan directly to NeatCloud, SkyDrive, DropBox and Google Drive – all without being tied to a computer.

In fact, professional reports are just a click away with Neat’s advanced functionalities! NeatConnect integrates with popular financial programs including QuickBooks and Turbo Tax. Its software references current information from the IRS and provides links to the IRS website if questions arise as to whether or not something is deductible.

This year, breeze through tax preparation and turn that cringe into a smile with NeatConnect. It works hard to keep your financial information organized, up-to-date and ready for the 2014 tax season.

Until next time…keep it Neat!

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Road Organization Made Easy

December 3rd, 2013

Given the time of year, it’s easy for families to get caught up in the holiday frenzy – hustle and bustle from here to there, endless amounts of paper receipts to file and of course, the tedious task of tracking down those family-favorite recipes. This stress is enough to end the enjoyment of it all!

However, if you think about it, we all probably have someone in our lives that deals with this on-the-go lifestyle on a daily basis. The traveling salesperson. The always on the move executive. The road warrior as they are often called.
With that in mind, if you’re having a hard time finding the perfect holiday gift for that hardworking, rarely home relative, it’s time to look at Neat®’s popular mobile scanner and Digital Filing System software NeatReceipts®.
As our users come to find out, Neat’s digital filing system is the most comprehensive way to organize personal and business-related information. You can digitize, organize, access, and share this important information quickly and easily. Additionally taking advantage of NeatCloud®, our cloud service and mobile app, users can sync, access, activate, share and collaborate on important information, anytime, anywhere.
NeatReceipts will enable your busy road warrior to organize on the go, as well as offer them some relief from the stress that this lifestyle inevitably brings.

Until next time…keep it Neat!

NeatConnect Calms Holiday Shopping Craziness

November 22nd, 2013

Thanksgiving is right around the corner meaning only one thing — so are the craziest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Neat’s digital filing system is the most comprehensive way to organize personal and small business information. And in today’s on-the-go world that includes having that information at your fingertips through your favorite mobile devices.

With smartphone users checking their phone more than 150 times a day and never being more than three feet from it, comes a certain expectation that these devices can do just about anything.
Neat’s mobile apps for smartphones and tablets give users braving the Black Friday crowds or browsing holiday gifts from their favorite coffee shop the ability to capture, organize and access coupons, and budgets as well as share important gift list information with members of the family.

Neat allows users to capture, access and run up-to-date spending reports on all their holiday gift receipts whether they started as a piece of paper from a store or as a digital receipt emailed after shopping online. Neat can also help manage receipts for the pesky but inevitable returns and exchanges after all the presents have been opened.

Setting up a holiday folder in your Neat digital filing system can help you stay organized and on budget during this hectic holiday shopping season. Try it out.

Until next time…keep it Neat!

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