Safe and Sound post CES 2014

February 11th, 2014

Despite the interesting circumstances surrounding our travel to “Sin City” we hit the ground running as soon as we stepped foot in Vegas!

Based on published reviews that we’ve read about NeatConnect thus far, we were aware that the product has been well received, but the attention we garnered in Las Vegas was very humbling.
It was an exciting first night at ShowStoppers 2014! We confirmed more than a hundred “stop-bys” from prominent tech and lifestyle journalists to visit our table, speak with our team and view a demo of NeatConnect and NeatCloud. Showstoppers was a great opportunity for us to discuss the first of our new reveals for 2014. We announced expanded document classification and parsing capabilities for NeatCloud®. For years, Neat has been able to turn business cards into digital contacts and transformed receipts into completed expense reports with the touch of a button. This year, we demonstrated how NeatCloud will be able to do the same for invoices, e-receipts, checks and recipes. These expanded NeatCloud capabilities definitely upped the interest in current Neat user’s as well as intrigued newcomers.

After a successful ShowStoppers, the Neat Team was up bright and early to hit the show floor where NeatConnect was featured on Fox news with host, Adam Housley. On top of being featured on Fox, Neat’s very own VP of Product Management, Chris Barbier, got the chance to sit down with Paul Lane and Aaron M. Sanchez of KCAA Radio to discuss NeatConnect’s key features and advantages to its users.

Now that we have returned safe and sound to our hometown, Philadelphia, we are back putting our nose to the grindstone, making enhancements for our Neat users. 2014 has gotten off to a great start, so stay tuned for more new and exciting things coming from Neat this year.

Until next time…Keep it Neat.

CES 2014 – The Latest from Neat

January 8th, 2014

CES 2014 kicks off this week, and like previous years, Neat will be on hand to showcase our latest innovations! However, unlike previous years, this CES has gotten off to a troublesome start thanks to Mother Nature and cancelled flights. A few on our team spent some of the week on trains, planes, and in automobiles as they ventured west to Las Vegas.

For those who are unfamiliar with CES, it’s a massive international tradeshow for all things related to consumer technology. For one whole week, companies from around the world gather in Las Vegas to unveil hot new technology and provide sneak peeks for the coming year. CES gives us a nice platform to highlight what is new to the Neat Digital Filing System.

Many will be coming to see our new NeatConnect, the first wireless scanner to include direct-to-cloud capabilities with a sleek, integrated touchscreen interface. Users can scan their paper documents directly to NeatCloud or to other personal cloud services such as SkyDrive, Box, and Google Drive. NeatConnect even scans directly to email addresses – all without needing a computer.

Neat will also introduce what will roll out in 2014 for NeatCloud, including expanded document classification and parsing capabilities, and integration with popular small business accounting software packages. Users can save time and avoid sifting through huge heaps of financial data, and spend more time on what matters.

Expanded document classification analyzes each NeatCloud document for structure and content so it can be properly classified. Adding classification for invoices, e-receipts, checks, and recipes lets users better organize their documents and make their information more manageable and efficient.

After NeatCloud classifies an item, Neat’s document parsing technology automatically populates data fields that are relevant to a particular document. For example, when a receipt is sent to NeatCloud it will automatically parse information to multiple new data fields – such as tracking numbers to speed obtaining shipment status, vendor contact information to simplify obtaining product support, and purchase orders to streamline accounting processes.

Additionally, the first small business accounting system integration available for NeatCloud will connect with QuickBooks desktop products and QuickBooks Online. By activating data parsed from small business documents, NeatCloud eliminates time associated with manually entering receipt or invoice data into accounting software while also reducing related data entry. Further NeatCloud integrations are planned for other accounting solutions in 2014.

Hope to see you at CES! And we hope you packed your NeatReceipts to keep track of all your receipts and business cards from a week in Vegas!

Until next time…Keep it Neat.

Combat the Post-Holiday Craze with NeatConnect

December 30th, 2013

After the holidays, we jump back to reality. It’s time to reboot and stay organized. Holiday shopping leaves us with more receipts to count, as well as multiple gift exchanges and returns. We do not realize that the weeks following the holiday season become just as crazy and stressful as holiday shopping itself.

Allow Neat to lend a hand. It newest product, the NeatConnect, will transform your receipts into digital files sending them directly to email or the cloud service of your choice. It ensures that you have easy access to key data wherever you are, through any device – whether it is a computer, iPhone, iPad or Android.

You can organize all of your expenses and know exactly where to find an important document. Neat makes dealing with pesky receipts faster and easier by spending less time dealing with paper and more time on what matters.
Its wireless capabilities help with gift exchanges and returns by allowing you to access and edit information from any room in the house or any store in the mall.

This year, eliminate the craze of the post-holiday season with NeatConnect and make the most of the New Year, clutter-free.

Until next time…Keep it Neat!

Breeze Through Tax Season with NeatConnect

December 17th, 2013

It’s never too early to start preparing for tax season. However, many small businesses cringe at the thought of preparing their taxes and wait until the last minute, creating the ultimate headache and unnecessary expenses Today, more and more small business are choosing to stay ahead of the game and avoid tax time troubles early on.

Forward-thinking small businesses capitalize on a known tax advantage. They purchase products that minimize tax burdens up front before the year ends. These products also combat the time consuming task of locating, organizing, and tracking huge heaps of financial information for the accountants.

One such product, NeatConnect, the first wireless scanner to include direct-to-cloud capabilities, transforms hard-copy documents into digital files. Users can send these files directly to their accountant’s email account or with easy set-up, scan directly to NeatCloud, SkyDrive, DropBox and Google Drive – all without being tied to a computer.

In fact, professional reports are just a click away with Neat’s advanced functionalities! NeatConnect integrates with popular financial programs including QuickBooks and Turbo Tax. Its software references current information from the IRS and provides links to the IRS website if questions arise as to whether or not something is deductible.

This year, breeze through tax preparation and turn that cringe into a smile with NeatConnect. It works hard to keep your financial information organized, up-to-date and ready for the 2014 tax season.

Until next time…keep it Neat!

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