Neat Keeps Vital Documents Safe in an Emergency

July 26th, 2013

According to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), 2012 was the second most costly year for destruction caused by weather and climate disasters since 1980, with 11 events totaling more than $110 billion in damages.  With recent forest fires raging across the west and the east coast’s hurricane season already underway, being prepared in case disaster strikes is vital.  However, many homeowners don’t think of protecting the important information they’ll need if their homes require major repairs or rebuilding in the aftermath of a disaster.

After Superstorm Sandy last year, many of my friends and family here on the east coast dealt with property damages due to downed trees, flooding and strong winds.  Having immediate access to documents like home insurance policies or insurance agent contact information was essential.  By digitizing and backing up my important documents in Neat’s Digital Filing System, I feel secure knowing I can access this information in the event of an emergency.  Here are my suggestions for documents to secure so you can be prepared in case the worst happens:

  • Archive home and vehicle insurance policies, deeds, titles and insurance agent contact information. By having this information available, you can more easily share the information and file claims with your insurance company, home repair service, or FEMA.
  • Protect medical records, prescriptions and health insurance information in the event you and your family members must evacuate your home during an emergency. You can forgo any worries associated with making sure prescriptions can be filled and important records can be accessed.
  • Guard your tax information and financial documents to ensure critical information for your bank account or investments is never lost.

No one wants to think about the damages or losses that could come when a disaster strikes, but preparing your vital information ahead of time will provide peace of mind.

Until Next Time…Keep it Neat!



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