Neat Saves Time and Reduces Expenses for County Commissions Office

September 9th, 2013

‘Project Paperless’ was conceived by Georgia’s Ben Hill County Commission office and staff in an effort to help cut expenses within the county’s offices while maintaining the current level of service for their citizens. In order to achieve these goals, Ben Hill County turned to Neat to help decrease their paper use, while increasing the productivity of their office processes and staff.

The Solution was Neat

Part of the process in reducing budgetary costs included purchasing equipment and technology that would eliminate costs associated with storage space and time lost to filing and searching for information in filing cabinets. While the purchase of new equipment may have seemed counterproductive to their goal, the Commission was also focused on reducing expenditures related to paper consumption and postage costs for mailing documents. Neat’s desktop scanner, NeatDesk, was the perfect answer to their problem.

The first step the Commission took was to assemble a virtual office where commissioners can have instant access to all agendas, meetings, minutes, and reference files. To do this meant incorporating NeatDesk scanners in several departmental offices throughout the country commission building. Additionally, county administrators started to create a website where the public could access information and forms on demand. Once these processes were operationally, the county found that they were spending less time preparing documents and were able to expedite distribution of materials both internally and externally to citizens. The ability to scan a document, email it back to the designated party and place frequently requested forms on their website for easy access was a great relief.

Success in Going Paperless

Since integrating Neat’s Digital Filing System solutions in the county’s Magistrate Court, Commissioner’s and Election office,  they have significantly cut staff time dedicated to manual paper management processes, increased facility space and their responsiveness to county citizens. With ‘Project Paperless’ fully operational, Ben Hill County has saved the taxpayers $22,957.04 by eliminating paper and instead using electronic materials. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Digital Filing System solutions and how they can help you become more productive, I suggest visiting our YouTube channel and listening to ways other users are becoming ‘Neat’!

Until Next Time…Keep it Neat!



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