I find the help and service Excelanta. Thank You.…
small handheld/desk scanner
Very easy to setup, great instruction ,easy to input info, and retrieve when needed. Customer service very friendly and helpful.…
Great Service
I love Everything, the Service, the Program and I trust Them…
I love the neat company
I tell everyone amout the neat company
We are Satisfied!!!
We got what we paid for.!!!
Neat was easy to set up and very easy to keep all of my records and business cards in order. I am retired now however, when I traveled for work this would have been an invaluable tool, I am now loading all I can into it. It is the best filing device for the money. Even though I purchased the desk model, it takes up very little space, look very sharp, and is always there when I need it. Truly a 5 star product
Thank you!!
Although getting to a live person was a little frustrating. However, once I was in contact with technical staff, they were wonderful. The repair was not an easy fix, but once the problem was identified, the technician stayed with me until it was resolved (which took several hours over a 2 day period). Everyone I worked with was very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Overall, they turned a very frustrating experience into a positive one. Thank you!!
Great software for organizing your receipts
I have been using neat for over years and all of my receipts are digitally copied. If I want to return an item, I don't need to search through a stack of receipts. Just click on the vendor and print your receipt. I bought my son one for his iMac and it is so much faster than on my i7 processor
Love being able to find my receipts in one location.
I absolutely love being able to find all of my receipts in one place. I can make the category titles that make sense to me. I like being able to "outline" the category into sub-categories. I find it easy to get together the information for my taxes, but I still have not seemed to have mastered the ability to make a sensible, usable report though. I think it's me. Thanks for this great product. I also appreciate the help fixing the scanner a while back; it's working great now
An accountant's dream for all clients.
I use Neat Receipts mainly for about three reasons. I have no reason to track expenses for business nor need to know expenditures for household budgetary reasons. However, my annual federal tax filing interview with our accountant is much less stressful in the gathering of itemized deductions for the return as well as more accurate. Our meeting is more substantive and efficient, because I hand him a Neat report of all medical, prescription drug, doctor’s visit expenses as well as property taxes paid and any other deductible expenses. We live in Washington State where we have a state sales tax for most of everything we buy, and until I started using Neat Receipts, it was an impossible task to come up with anything other than a WAG therefore it was a lost deduction. Now, I am shown exactly how much we’ve spent for sales tax. Those taxes add up, even for a Starbucks late’!! Another helpful result for my in using Neat Receipts, I am much better able to use it as a “check & balance” system for reoccurring billings. An example will help with understanding. I would receive lots of requests over the phone from charitable organizations, political action groups, etc. solicitation calls asking for money. Some, I would support by committing to a donation if they would send a billing. When the billing came, I’d pay it. But then a few weeks later, we’d get another request. We had the same issue with periodical subscriptions, and before we knew it, we’d paid for 15 year’s subscriptions! Well, Neat Receipts solved our problem as I scanned all receipts and am now able to find when they were paid so those requests for “additional” payment go to the “round file.” Thank you Neat Receipts!!!
Cant find a better customer service
I purchased The Neat system and have used it for many years so long in fact I was removed from their data base. Laptop broke and bought a new laptop re loaded neat and no go .......Was able thru Neat Co. to restore the program and recover my files....... It was suggested to me another devise..But i have used Neat for a long time....Have since up graded scanners and Neat is on the Job in a big way
Staff Response was very quick!
I "Neated" the program reinstalled on my computer. I called and received the download right away. I was back up scanning "Neatly." My Neat was right back up and running with my old receipts in place. The portable scanner is so convenient, I use it all the time, because it's a lot easier than having to change to scan on my printer, lift the top, place the paper down, set the scanning features and hit the scan. With The Portable, I hit scan and let the document run through. Done!
Great system I love it. I tell everyone about it!
The scanner needs better resolution on photos, small print receipts/ documents, and PDFs. The feeder does not do well with large documents ie income tax 1040 and all the attachments, home purchasing & refinancing ect. Need good drag and drop system like paper port and Thunderbird Also need to be able to have a system like paper port that will copy one years set file folders and reproduce them with the new year name of folder and empty and ready new year all in a copy and paste motion with drop down that allows you to make that choice