The Many Features of Neat

Neat’s robust suite of features will transform the way you manage and organize your files. Digitally capture, unlock, back up, and unleash important business data from anywhere, anytime.

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Capture receipts, business cards, and documents with the snap of a picture

Use our ID2 technology to eliminate manual data entry

Use your Neat scanner or nearly any third-party scanner to get your documents into Neat

Drop in any PDF or image file and Neat will automatically detect and parse your files

Use your Neat files from virtually anywhere

Neat protects your files with the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data

Forward emails and attached documents directly to your Neat account

It’s easy to send information to programs like Excel, TurboTax, QuickBooks, and more

Managing your finances will be a breeze and tax time will be less taxing

Turn that messy pile of cards on your desk into an organized and efficient digital contact system

Use NeatVerify to get the ultimate accuracy on parsed data

Streamline email campaigns by sending contacts from Neat to Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and more

Every word of every item in Neat is easily searchable, so you can find anything fast

Collaborate with others by sharing comments as well as files and folders without using bulky email attachments

Keep all your information in one secure, organized place