Tech Makeover: Spirits on Bourbon and Neat [Episode 6]

March 29, 2016 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton


In the sixth episode of Woodard’s Tech Makeover series, Spirits on Bourbon, a New Orleans bar popularized by Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, continues the transformation into a tech savvy business using small business tech tools.

The episode shows the Spirits on Bourbon team being schooled by ProAdvisor Patricia Hendrix, on how to use the Neat system beyond the desktop scanner. Hendrix shows how they can use the premium service and mobile capabilities to make scanning and organizing easier and more accessible. Through a step-by-step demo on how to use Neat, they discuss the Quickbooks Online integration and Neat’s smart parsing system that makes accounting workflows much easier to handle.

“I think it’s going to help my relationship with my CPA now that we have Neat. Before, he said I didn’t send it and I said I sent it and we’d be fighting over it. Now, he’s going to know he has it, I am going to know he has it, and I am going to hold him responsible.”

Watch to find out more about how Spirits on Bourbon is using the Neat system as part of their tech makeover – Watch them roll their filing cabinets out of their business as they embrace the technology and a new – more efficient – way of doing business.

Jen Cohen Crompton
Jen Cohen Crompton
Jen is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Neat Company and a small business owner. Her unique experience mixes technology with marketing and writing, and while working with Neat, she has become a bit of a productivity and organization guru. Jen has contributed to articles published on Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Digitalist Mag, and other small business and technology resources. You may also see her “talking tech” on local news programs and hear her filling the airways as a radio guest.
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