Tech Makeover: Spirits on Bourbon and Neat

March 21, 2016 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton


‘Tis the season for spring cleaning, taxes, planting flowers, and…makeovers? Yes. Spring time is a great time to evaluate your organization and business processes and consider “making over” anything that isn’t quite working.

One show focusing on this concept and demonstrating the interworkings of a small business makeover, is Tech Makeover, hosted by Joe Woodard. The web series documents the technology transformation of a small business, Spirits on Bourbon, over the course of 10 mini-webisodes, delivered online on Woodard’s YouTube channel and Woodard’s broadcast site.

Woodard’s vision for the series is to show “one small business advisor’s efforts to transform the way a small business operates through the right combination of technology consulting, management consulting and accounting support.”

For episodes 5 and 6, Neat supplied Spirits on Bourbon with a NeatConnect Wi-Fi Scanner and Neat’s Smart Organization Software to organize important paperwork and streamline their accounting workflow, making managing finances easier and more efficient.

Watch and learn how one small business took control of their paper problem and learned how to implement Neat to makeover the business paper processes.


Jen Cohen Crompton
Jen Cohen Crompton
Jen is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Neat Company and a small business owner. Her unique experience mixes technology with marketing and writing, and while working with Neat, she has become a bit of a productivity and organization guru. Jen has contributed to articles published on Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Digitalist Mag, and other small business and technology resources. You may also see her “talking tech” on local news programs and hear her filling the airways as a radio guest.
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