Neat For Home

Our software offers features for your home office


With an adaptable, customizable folder structure, Neat helps you organize your files any way you choose. Creating folders and sub-folders is fast and easy, letting you arrange and adapt as you go.

Store your receipts in sub-folders to easily create expense reports, or organize documents in folders categorized by project, client, or month. With Neat, you will always have a clean home office and access to your most important documents.


Providing secure access to important documents is a priority for us. That’s why when you import a document into Neat, you can count on bank-level security protection and secure backup on our servers. Now your irreplaceable documents and memories will be safe from theft, broken computers, and spilled drinks!

Access Anywhere

With Neat, all your important documents are accessible from anywhere, anytime, using a Wi-Fi connected device. Pull up medical records at the doctor’s office on your tablet, or find contacts easily with a simple search.

The contents of your entire filing cabinet will now fit in your pocket, thanks to Neat. Plus, you’ll find that there are so many easy ways to get your receipts and documents into Neat, including email, mobile capture, import from DropBox, and more!

Easy Search

Neat’s InDocument Identification Technology uses Optical Character Recognition on every word of every document, allowing you to keyword search anything. You can also tag text-free images like photographs and artwork. With Neat, time that used to be spent searching becomes your free time. Neat is about helping you get to what matters by adding time back in your day.