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Easy Setup:

  • 1Plug in the AC adapter and power on NeatConnect
  • 2Follow the on-screen Interactive Tutorial
  • 3Start getting organized by scanning to the cloud

The on-screen Interactive Tutorial will walk you through making your first scan to NeatCloud!

Getting to know your touchscreen

Everything you do with NeatConnect is driven by this simple interface.

Scan Button

Send your files on their way with one touch.

Scan Settings

Adjust your scan setings to create the ideal images.

Scan Destinations

Swipe through destinations to send files anywhere.


Add destinations, set a passcode, and more - in Settings.


Check your signal strength at a glance.


Access your Outbox to see previous scans.

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Scanning with NeatConnect

Incredibly simple to use, NeatConnect is the smart way to transform paper documents into digital information.

*Your subscription begins when you first sign in on your NeatConnect.

Scanning to NeatCloud

Information from your scans is brought to life in NeatCloud. Totals from receipts, contact info from business cards, and other key information - NeatCloud makes it easy to find, share, and use.

Learn more about NeatCloud

Swipe to NeatCloud in the
destination carousel to select it.

Where else can I scan?

Cloud services, email, and more - NeatConnect makes it easy to send paper anywhere you want it to go! We'll show you how to add accounts in the following section.

  • SkyDrive
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Email

    NeatConnect lets you compose emails and send scanned items as attachments, right from your device.

  • SD Card

    Use NeatConnect's SD slot to scan directly to memory card, quickly and easily.

  • FTP

    NeatConnect can scan straight to FTP servers, to make sharing documents a breeze.

  • Outbox

    Your on-device scanning destination where you can save items before sending them elsewhere.

    Learn more

  • Computer

    Use the included USB cable to send files directly to Neat's desktop software.

    Learn more

Adding Scan Destinations

Sending files to the destinations listed above is easy. Simply go to your Settings menu, tap Add New Destinations, and follow the on-screen prompts to add your new destination. It will then appear in the destination carousel.

Settings > Add New Destinations

Adjusting Scan Settings

Every scan, exactly how you want it. NeatConnect's easy scan settings menu lets you choose how your scanned items will appear.

*Note not all options apply for all scanning destinations.

  • Color

    Choose to scan in full color, grayscale, or black and white.

  • 1-or 2-sided

    Scan one side at a time, or both sides at once.

  • Separate/Combine

    Scanning multiple items, or one multipage document?

  • DPI

    Set your DPI high for better clarity, or lower for speedier scans and smaller files

  • File Type

    Choose what type of file you'd like your scanned item to be.

Scanning Made Easy

When it comes to transforming paper into useful digital information, nothing compares to NeatConnect. No matter what you're scanning, or where you're scanning to, just follow these four simple steps!

Before you scan…
Extend the paper trays on the top and bottom to ensure proper feeding.

  • 1

    Insert paper face up

    An orange arrow appears under the 'SCAN' button when paper is detected.

  • 2

    Choose a destination

    Swipe left or right under the 'SCAN' button to choose a destination for your scans.

  • 3

    Adjust scan settings

    Tip: Your settings may change depending on your chosen scan destination.

  • 4

    Press SCAN

    You'll be given a chance to review your scans before sending.

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Accessing Your Scans

With NeatConnect, NeatCloud, and the Neat mobile app, your files are always at your fingertips.

Your Neat Inbox
Items scanned with NeatConnect will appear in your Neat Inbox – on your mobile device, on the web, or on your desktop.

Neat Mobile App

The Neat mobile app lets you access, edit, and add to your Neat Digital Filing System anywhere, anytime.

Download for iOS   |   Download for Android

Neat Web Access

View your Neat files online at

Sign in to NeatCloud

Neat Desktop Software

Neat's desktop software stays synced to NeatCloud, so everything you scan to the cloud is instantly available on your PC or Mac. Create reports, export data, and more!

Download for Mac   |   Download for PC

Your Outbox

The Outbox is where NeatConnect keeps the items you scan while it sends them to your selected destinations. It also serves as a log of scanned items that you can access at any time.

3rd party services
Items scanned to a third-party service will appear in the root folder of that service, making them easy to find.

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Get the Most out of NeatConnect

NeatConnect's innovative abilities let it do things no other scanner can even dream of.

At Home Anywhere

Because NeatConnect doesn't need to be near a computer, it can go where you need it.

Multiple Users

Share NeatConnect with family members or business partners by adding cloud, email, or other accounts for each person.

Everything Where it Belongs

Stop using your computer as a middleman, and start sending files right where you want them.
You can even use the Outbox to quickly send the same file to multiple destinations.

NeatConnect Tips

  • Share NeatConnect.
    Family members and business partners can add destinations to NeatConnect, so you can share one device with multiple users – no mess, no hassle.

  • SD Cards for the office.
    Make use of NeatConnect's SD card slot by giving employees their own SD cards to use as a quick, simple scanning destination.

  • NeatConnect loves mail.
    Since it doesn't need to be near a computer, put NeatConnect where you like to open your mail. Scan in any important mail right away, and get rid of the paper before it piles up.

  • Protect your privacy.
    In the Settings menu, you can set up a passcode lock to keep NeatConnect secure.

  • File sizes for email.
    Most email clients restrict the size of attached files. Scanning in a lower DPI will create smaller files that are more suitable for attachments.

  • Scan now, sort later.
    It's easy to use NeatConnect to make paper disappear, but be sure to manage your digital files later to keep everything neatly organized.

NeatConnect FAQ

  • Where can I scan to?
    NeatConnect can scan directly to NeatCloud, email, FTP, and other cloud services via Wi-Fi. It can also scan to an SD card, and can scan to a computer when connected via USB.

  • How do I access my scans?
    You can access your scans with the Neat mobile app for iOS or Android, online at, or with your Neat desktop software. You can also view scanned items on NeatConnect via the Outbox.

  • What's the benefit of scanning to NeatCloud or Neat's desktop software?
    Neat classifies everything you scan as either a receipt, contact, or other document, and recognizes specific types of data for each. Our patented Intelligent Text Recognition technology extracts totals from receipts, transforms business cards into digital contacts, and makes every word of every document easily searchable. You can quickly create reports from your scanned information in Neat, or export your data to Excel®, TurboTax®, and other popular software.

  • What's the Outbox?
    The Outbox is where NeatConnect keeps the items you scan while it sends them to your selected destinations. It also serves as a log of scanned items that you can access at any time.

  • Can I lock my NeatConnect scanner?
    Yes – you can set up a numeric passcode lock through the settings menu on your device.

  • How do I update my NeatConnect firmware?
    When new firmware is available, you'll receive a notification on NeatConnect. Follow the instructions on this popup to stay up to date.

  • When does my 3-month subscription to NeatCloud begin?
    You'll begin your three free months of NeatCloud the first time you sign in to your Neat account on NeatConnect.

  • What can I do with my Neat desktop software?
    You can digitally organize all your important files, find any item with a simple keyword search, quickly create expense reports, and easily export information to third-party software such as TurboTax® or Excel®.

  • How do I sync my files with NeatCloud?
    Syncing with the cloud is automatic – when you install Neat for your computer, Sync is on by default. Anything you have in NeatCloud will be downloaded to your computer, and any files in your Neat software will be uploaded to the cloud.

  • If I already have Neat, do I need to install the software that comes with NeatConnect?
    NeatConnect requires the latest version of our software. If you already have Neat on your computer, simply check for updates under the Help menu on PC or the Neat menu on Mac.

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Updating NeatConnect Firmware

From time to time, updates will be available for your NeatConnect firmware. Simply follow the instructions in the on-screen prompt to keep NeatConnect up to date.

For More Information

If you’re looking for additional information or answers to a particular question, visit the Neat Support Center.

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