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Upgrading to Neat 5


Please note that the product(s) or information provided on this page relate to an end-of-life (EOL) product or service that is no longer supported by Neat. This information is provided to assist customers with the continued use of their legacy Neat software implementation. However, this information is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any warranty of any kind. By the continued use of the EOL release version, the customer assumes all risk associated with the use of such version and understands support will not be provided.

For more information, please see our Retirement FAQ's

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This article will walk you through the process of upgrading from Neatreceipts 3 or Neatworks 4 to Neat 5. Not sure which version you are on? Click here to find out. If you already have a version of Neat 5 installed you can see how to update here.

To begin the upgrade process, first download the upgrade by clicking on your current operating system:

You will be presented with a video discussing the new and improved software and 3 steps to follow.
At the third step you can select the current version of your software and click Go.  To find the version of your software open NeatWorks and go to Help -> About NeatWorks

After hitting Go the software will start downloading.  Once the download completes, double-click on the file and press Extract on the window that appears.

After the installation file finishes extracting, you will be presented with this welcome screen.  Click Next to continue.




If you are accustomed to the NeatReceipts (3.0) or NeatWorks (4.0) interface, Neat 5 will introduce a number of changes.  To prepare yourself for these new features and interface improvements, we strongly recommend watching the video tutorial presented in this window.  To watch the video, click on Watch Walkthrough Video. For additional information, you may click on the Read Additional Information button as well.

Press Next to continue with the installation.




During the upgrade process, your database will be migrated and upgraded to work with Neat 5.  Depending on the size of your database, this process can take some time; if you have a very large database, it may take several hours to completely migrate.  During this time, your computer must remain on.  Do not turn your computer off, or put it to sleep while the migration and upgrade are occurring.




During the installation process, you will be asked to choose an install location for Neat 5.  Neat 5 is designed for use on and installation to a permanent hard drive on your computer.  Do not attempt to install Neat 5 to a flash drive, network drive, or external USB hard drive.  We strongly recommend installing the Neat program to the default selected location on the C: drive.

Press Install to begin the installation process.




If you are upgrading an existing copy of NeatReceipts or NeatWorks, you will see a message requiring a backup of your current database.  This will create a copy of your database, and cannot be skipped.

Press OK to continue.



Click Browse to choose the location where your backup will save to.  We recommend saving this backup to a location on your C: drive, such as your Desktop, or Documents folder.
DO NOT save the backup directly to an external drive.  You will be able to move the backup file to an external drive once the upgrade process has completed.

Press Backup to create the backup.




When finished, you will see the message below, indicating the backup completed successfully. Press OK to continue.




After backing up, the migration will begin.  Neat 5 uses a Cabinet structure to organize folders, and you will be asked to name your cabinet before the migration continues.  This cabinet is named “My Cabinet” by default, but it can be changed to whatever you wish (for example, “Kate’s Cabinet,” “Work Cabinet,” or “Home” ).

Click Migrate to continue.


new migration window


During the migration, a progress bar will appear, showing the status of the migration.


new migration status


After the migration completes, you should see a message acknowledging its success.  Press OK to Continue.




After migration, the installation of the program will begin. This will run through, and require a reboot upon completion.  You may choose to reboot immediately, or manually reboot later.  Press Finish to complete the installation.




Once you’ve upgraded and your data has migrated, you can easily reorganize your items or folders, if necessary, by simply dragging and dropping items to new locations.  For more information on your migrated folders, see Upgrading and Migrating Data to Neat 5.

Opening Neat for the first time will prompt you to Activate.  Please see the following link for more information on Activating Neat



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