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Information is more abundant and easier to access than ever before. This is a great thing – except that it’s also never been more difficult to stay organized. The overload of information and the scattered places it resides creates “digital clutter.” Most digital clutter occurs because your information comes in so many forms – emails, electronic documents, bookmarked web pages, e-receipts – and lives in so many places: your computer, your smartphone, your shiny new tablet. Trying to track down your important files is frustrating and wastes time. NeatCloud provides a solution for digital clutter.

What is NeatCloud?

NeatCloud securely backs up your Digital Filing System, and allows you to add to it – or access it – from anywhere. NeatCloud has been designed from the ground up to work in conjunction with the NeatDesk and NeatReceipts digital filing systems.

When your documents are in NeatCloud, they’re not only synchronized between your various devices, they’re securely backed up on our servers. That means it’s safer to store something in the cloud than on just your computer, and a broken computer or a lost phone no longer means lost files.

Using NeatCloud you can:

Instantly sync all of your Neat files across multiple devices

Automatically back up and protect all of your Neat files

View your Neat files from any Internet browser, from any computer

E-mail documents directly into your Neat account

Share individual files or folders with anyone you choose–the person you share with will be able to view and comment on the documents you share

Have accounts with multiple users – two or more people can use the same account

What is Syncing?

Syncing (AKA synchronizing) is the automatic transmitting and updating of data between two or more devices so they will all have the same exact files. That means when you scan an item at the office, it’s uploaded to the cloud and instantly available on your home computer, your laptop, your smartphone or tablet.

In this section:

Accessing NeatCloud

Syncing Your Neat Data

Backing Up Your Neat Data