Importing Your Quicken Account to Neat 5

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Importing Your Quicken Account to Neat 5

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A Note About Quicken File Formats

Different versions of Quicken use different file formats, such as QFX, QIF, and QDF. Neat only uses QIF file formats. Because Neat uses only QIF file format, it’s necessary to perform a simple workaround to ensure Neat and Quicken can work together using same format.

In Quicken

1.Launch Quicken and open your company file.

2.From the File menu, choose Export and then QIF File. The QIF Export dialog box opens.

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File > Export > QIF File

3.Choose <All Accounts> from the Quicken Account to Export from dropdown menu.

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QIF Export dialog box

4.Under the Include In Export heading, only Account List should be selected (as pictured above).

5.To choose a location for the exported file, click Browse. The Export to QIF dialog box opens (pictured below).

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Export to QIF file dialog box

6.Navigate to the folder where you want the file saved.

7.Type a a name for the exported file in the File Name field and click OK.

In NEat

8.In Neat, choose Quicken Accounts from the Import menu.

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Import Quicken Accounts

9.Click Import.

10.Navigate to and select the.QIF file to be imported.

11.Click Open.

12.Click OK in the Success dialog box.

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13.The Accounts will now be listed in the window. Click on Close to close the Account Manager.