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163188330 copy March 13, 2015

The Neat Company Survey: Construction and Building Contractors and Smart Organization Systems

Construction and building contractors are faced with a never-ending onslaught of paper documents that contain data and information essential to running their business. From contract and service repair...

Neat® Research Finds Most Construction and Building Contractors Are Missing Out on the Benefits Offered by Smart Organization Systems

Building and construction contractors report wanting simpler, more efficient ways to manage business-related documents and the data they hold. Philadelphia, PA- February 25, 2015- Neat®, a leader in Smart...
April 12, 2014 neatologie March 12, 2015

Tax Time with Neat

  It’s that time of the year again, when I realize that my taxes are due way too soon and I have done almost nothing to prepare.  But...
logos February 26, 2015

Neat to Feature Integration with Xero

Xero is a leading force in cloud-based accounting technology for small and medium businesses. Our support team at Neat continues to hear from customers who are eager to...
532257073 February 6, 2015

Getting to What Matters

You may have noticed us throwing around the phrase “get to what matters” a lot recently. It’s our new motto, and as far as corporate mottos go I...


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