June 7th, 2011

Win a one-hour organizational phone consultation with Bonnie!

Win a one-hour organizational phone consultation with Bonnie! The Joyful Organizer!

Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is an organizing expert, author, radio personality, and motivational speaker. Her company, The Joyful Organizer®, creates and implements organizational systems for the home or office. Tell us how you would benefit from a home or work organizational consultation and you could be the lucky winner of this one-hour session with Bonnie. During her consultation, Bonnie will speak about the importance of implementing organizational systems that create a sense of calm at home or at the office. She will work with you on any organizational project you have currently in progress or help you to kick-off a new one based on your needs.

The Joyful Organizer®, creates and implements organizational systems for the home or office.  These changes allow her Customers to create calm from chaos at work and at home. Bonnie has achieved the prestigious designation of Certified Professional Organizer, CPO®, from The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers.  She is a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and has published 50 Tips to Get You Organized ~ In Ten Minutes or Less!

So tell us how you would benefit from a consultation and you could be the lucky winner!

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  1. Susan Garrard Says:

    I’d like to win a consult with Bonnie.

  2. Susan Garrard Says:

    I am a house manager for a family. My job entails managing the domestic side of their lives. I am developing systems for administration and the procurement of goods and services. I am very interested in this system and also a system that would allow bar code scanning of food items and would automatically add these items to a shopping list. Also a menu planning interface with shopping list.

  3. Alexis Brochu Says:

    Being a mother of four young children, and working two jobs, I absolutely love being organized. It makes me extremely happy… However, keeping up with my household and office demands can be, um, challenging.

    The Neat organizing scanner is a glimmer of hope for me. I envision perfectly scanned and organized receipts and accounts. A consultation from Bonnie would be well received, and much appreciated.

    Most respectfully,

  4. carolyn atkinson Says:

    I do genealogy for my hobby. I am having a hard time figuring out how to organize on a budget and have a nice desk and organization to use my files and not have a mess all over.

    Thank you.

    Carolyn Atkinson


    I believe I would benefit greatly from a consultation for organizing my Mary Kay business. Everything would have a place. Taxes would be easier. Receipts/documents filed and easy access. Wow! Would I prosper. I use Neat Receipts now. However, I feel I would benefit from someone with more expertise to show me how to better manage and free up more of my time.

  6. Debra Metzger Says:

    I have worked in the financial world for over 20 years, with several different large companies. In each situation I was taken advantage of by male superiors. Two years ago I decided to go independent. I own my own LLC. I am the sole breadwinner in my family my husband has cancer and I also help my daughter who is a single mom. I am not very organized and spend way to much time trying to be without success. I only make money when I can get in front of people. If I were more organized I could go on more appointments and make more money. It would be a great help. I hope I win I could sure use a break.

    Thank you

    Debra Metzger

  7. Carolyn Sipes Says:

    It’s been said, “The devil’s in the details” but this devilish disorganization in my office may result in divorce!!! Please help!!

  8. Joy Schechter Says:

    It’s mostly the paper jungle gets both me and my mother chained to our home. My father recently passed away and all that seems to be left is a mountain of paper and more coming in every day. Would love to have simple system to pull it all together for both personal and my Dad’s business. Thanks.

  9. Patricia Tuck Says:

    I need help to keep dealing with bookwork from two businesses–care of elderly mom & her business–working 10 hours a day

  10. Marie Hanson Says:

    I moved from a two bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment and need help! I had a major yard sale and thinned out my books and clothes – a major accomplishment. I have boxes of paper (six bankers boxes + 2 plastic tubs), pictures and keepsakes (another huge platic tub and cardboard box) in my bedroom closet; I’m surrounded by piles of paper and unable to organize a desk area to start working next to four plastic file containers and a stand-up computer desk. My new place is cool but has challenges for me, Bonnie. Especially the Paper Monster that lives here and has been growing throughout a 26 year Navy career and STILL craves more…

  11. Michael Gretzinger Says:

    My finance’ works out of the house, spends most of her time in the car and has little or no time to stay organized…Thus, leaving many projects up in the air. She does her best but just gets overwhelmed. Thoughts?

    Thank you.

  12. dave and jamie maxx Says:

    Our home is in foreclosure I lost my job that started this due to the economy. We’ve lived there 8 years. I don’t mind losing the house it’s the move and cutting all the stuff loose. I don’t want to be a hoarder but my luck is the minute I dump something, I have to buy it again when the need hits. Ideally I would like to make a few bucks from the stuff I cut loose and/or see the things go where they can be used. I really hate being tied down by stuff and would like help

  13. Barbara Says:

    I am a mess…I have a Real Estate Co, A General Store with a Post Office, Gift Shop, Deli/Pizza Grocery store and rentals. I have no system of organization…

  14. Gena Baley Says:

    I have kept almost every receipt, statement, documentation, etc. since 1983 for both personal and business files. As you can tell, I have a lot of paper stored in boxes, piles in my office and around!! Funny story… we realized my husband has some money due him in our state’s unclaimed property from an apartment complex in which he lived in before 1987. Part of the proof and documentation the state requested was proof that he who he was and that in fact he lived there… YES, I went right to the box of files and came across a copy of his actual lease agreement!! We got his money, no problem. Over the last several years, I have fallen behind in filing due to busy lifestyle keeping up with our teen’s sports, etc. Thus the piles of paper, statements in my office! I am in much need of ‘getting organized’ again, but don’t even know where to begin or how to file. Do I file everything by date, by subject and just put all years of phone statements in one box; where to begin?? Oh, how it would be wonderful to win an hour consult of how to get organized again!! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you.

  15. Becky Says:

    We have been trying to organize our 5
    businesses Office. We would benifit by
    a consultation & list of Organizing a
    multi business office. I purchased 8 two
    Drawer filing cabinets to help with all the
    Paperwork we have to keep up with and
    Have one 4 drawer filing cabinet 2 rolling
    Cabinets. Help it is a MESS!!!! Thanks Becky

  16. Janice Says:

    I have worked for the same agency for 25 years. I have accumulated so many items over time in one role but took over role of executive director two years ago. The chaos has drastically increased. I cannot see the bottom of my desk. I have started and stopped so many different to do list in planners and my smart phone. The same chaos has exploded in my home situation. My car has become a traveling work location as well. I have to move boxes out of my car to have room for passengers. i am a total mess and wreck. HELP me PLEASE. The surrounding disarray is detrimental to my ability to stay on task.

  17. Janice Says:

    I have worked for the same agency for 25 years. I have accumulated so many items over time in one role but took over role of executive director two years ago. The chaos has drastically increased. I cannot see the bottom of my desk. I have started and stopped so many different to do list in planners and my smart phone. The same chaos has exploded in my home situation. My car has become a traveling work location as well. I have to move boxes out of my car to have room for passengers. i am a total mess and wreck. HELP me PLEASE. The surrounding disarray is detrimental to my ability to stay on task.

  18. Elaine Cooper Says:

    I want to start a Parent Coaching Business soon to supplement my part-time status as an elementary guidance counselor. I love collecting articles I read. I will need a system to keep my clients (there will be clients!) straight that includes their contact information, session notes, and anything I promised to do, such as send them an article, or a questionnaire.
    But first I have to organize my personal papers which are in piles at the moment because I am trying to figure out what I can throw out. That part is a lot easier than figuring out how to organize what’s left! Now that I have the Neat I need to understand just how to do it on there, or at least as much as possible, so there are many fewer papers lying around, sapping my energy and boggling my mind. Then I want to get my parenting papers organized, some on the Neat and some physically. I am off during the summer. This is the time to do it so I can launch my business. Thank You!

  19. Mercy Walker Says:

    I have 3 jobs & my home-life that I love and I feel overwhelmed and unorganized in alot of what I do. It’s not only paperwork, it’s the household items and daily things that I do. I would benefit a consultation due to the fact that I have tried (maybe not all of the ideas) some or most of the organizing ideas and my lifestyle is what I think keeps me from being consistent. I feel a consultation with someone can actually hear what I REALLY need and not just keep trying things over and over again. I have accomplished some organization, but I still feel like I’m missing something. You know how you always wish there were more hours in a day… that’s me.

  20. Sharon Robertson Says:

    home office organized. I feel that if I was able to get a little hel
    bettter organized that it would not only benefit mysel, but it would benefit my community also. I am a R.N. Case Manager & Nursing Supervisor for a Home Heath Agency. I supervise about 45 nurses along and take care of 30 or more patients ranging from newborn to elderly with a variety of complicated medical & nursing daily needs. I have had to convert part of my living room
    Side area into a home office. I do a tremendous amount of paoerwork at home each night after caring for my patients all day. I must have physicians order $ several documents in patients charts. I’n order for my to provide excellent nursing cared I’n
    My community I have to stay very organized and on top if every aspect of patients, nurses, paperwork, and nursing & medical supplies daily. I really need a better set up and better way to organize all of these very important forms, charts & supplies. I need to be able to come in, sit down in the small area I have tried to make into an office.
    I’m the type of person that needs to be organized in order to work. I recently had surgery and have been out of work a few weeks. While I was temporarily being a patient myself my patients life still went on. ThereforeI will have overwhelming amounts of work when I return in a few days.
    I truly love my job! Everyone I know personally or professionally would definatelyb agree with that statement. I love taking care of people & helping them get the care they deserve. I love my patients, & I love the nurses I supervise. If I could just get better organized I wouldn’t even mind all the paperwork I must do & keep. Making my space better organized will cut my at home office work time down. This will allow me to be with the people in my community that really need me. ultimately not only will i benefit from a session with Bonnie but my patients, nurses & my community will benefit as well. That is ultimately what really matters.

  21. Everett Stamper Says:

    Hi, I have bought the Neat program, my son-in-law set it up for me, I have it setting here in my office, but still using it, I am afraid to use it, guess I need help or I need to start reading instructions, but If you could help me I would really like this.

    Thanks Everett Stamper

  22. Cathy Says:

    I am sinking in paperwork and would love to have the opportunity to surface! I know I could work smarter, but need a hand to get headed in the right direction. We recently moved into a new office and I have not been able to find the time to get organized to work more efficiently.I currently have 10 folks with two charge cards and am swimming in receipts. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch.

    PS I would be happy to share whatever gets me back on track!

  23. Jennifer Reyna Says:

    Recently I have come to work full time with my husband to grow our business. Both of us have terrible organizational skills and now with two of us working from home, full time, our home and work life are becoming overwhelming. It takes longer to do many simple things because we are constantly ‘looking for’ something. We are on the verge of expanding our company but our inability to keep organized is holding us back. This also causes tension in our new marriage because the stressors of work overflow into our personal lives. I won’t even mention what our closets and drawers look like :). My biggest concern is being able to organize ourselves in such a way to facilitate our work and to enable our company to grow to its full potential. Any help offered and received with this endeavor would be a blessing.

  24. Cheryl Garganta Says:

    So far today, I have lost my sunglasses and my only windbreaker. I’ve gone to work in blue shirt, shoes, and socks with black pants because my closet isn’t organized enough or bright enough for me to be able to get pants of the correct color. I have ADD which makes it harder to get organized. Routines help me get things done, but I really need help getting things organized so I can implement new routines. Please help!

  25. Carolina Fonke Says:

    My desk is covered in all kinds of papers. I rarely see the wood. I’ve been using the Neat since Febuary and it’s helped a lot but there are so many interuptions throughout the day it’s difficult to refocus back to where I left off. Priorities continually get shifted around. I’m still trying to keep some paper files and can’t seem to get a handle on a good system. I was great at that at one time – I’ve lost my mojo. My brain is really scattered and I don’t like it. I even come in on my days off. My goal is to have my office and papers organized so that when I’m here during patient hours I can take care of the tasks of reviewing patient records, updating information and so forth. Your assistance would be appreciated.

  26. Nancy Stedman Bolick Says:

    Hi, I’m disconnected & in a fog that never seems to lift. Dealing with a husband who is 12 1/2 post-stroke (massive) & some other family issues on top of depression that NO ONE seems to be able to help me with because of a liver metabolizing problem, I do good to remember to do the basics everyday. Life was not always like this & I remember when I was able to “bring home the bacon, & fry it up in a pan”. Whoops, I’m telling my age (64). And by the way, God was not putting computer chips in the brain 64 years ago, so I have that challenge to contend with also. I really love being organized & being able to put my hand on something at a moments notice. I know having that skill again would make life less stressful. Thanks & have a blessed day. Nancy Stedman Bolick

  27. Randee Says:

    I have papers (receipts) everywhere!! Being unorganized can be overwhelming – you don’t know where to start first or how to prioritize! Its difficult to know what to part with. Being unorganized has held me back from reaching my potential! Help!!!

  28. John Reimer Says:

    Help! I’m surrounded by boxes!

    We just moved into a much smaller house and my Home Office is feeling more like a storage closet… I’m sure there must be a better way to fit all this stuff in here.

    I’d love to be able to relax a little while I”m sitting at my computer instead of feeling cramped…

  29. Glenn Christy Says:

    My paper system is a mess – invoices, PO’s, Quotes, Proposals, checks, automated billings and other documents drive me crazy. I use Quickbooks for my AR/AP but quotes are done by hand. As a remodeler nothing is standardized with regard to pricing. The pricing (with options, conditions, etc.) is put into a written proposal. After approval by the client, I put it into a Quickbooks estimate so I can invoice from the estimate. I need to keep track of product information, warranty on products and lifetime warranties on our work for each project. That’s an incredible amount of data to organize by job, job phase etc. Many times it’s the same products with the same information but I waste space by having multiple copies.

    I could easily save 8-10 hours a week if there were an automated and streamlined way to do this. It would give me my weekend back for my family and give me a chance to look at the more strategic aspects of my business. If I could get this organized into a process, I’d be able to hire someone to handle the process and grow the business.

    Kind regards,

    Glenn Christy (swimming in paper, data, tasks and new jobs!)

  30. Sharon Douglass Says:

    I have a home office that looks like a blizzard over took it and covered everything in a thick coat of white. There is paper everywhere and what use to be a desk, floor and shelves have now disappeared. I want to reclaim the wood and have a sense of calm rather than the feeling that I need to get an operator’s license for a bulldozer.

  31. Kimberley Says:

    I recently lost my job as an educator. The district in which I was employed made us aware of the possible layoffs in January. Since then, my mind has been cluttered about what my next career move would be, and so has my home office. I’ve begun to miss bill payments–not because I’ve lacked the money–but because I’ve misplaced billing statements! I have to find a way to get back on track and get organized again. I would also like advice on how to remain organized in the midst of chaos.

  32. Robert Sadler Says:

    I could get my life back. I used to be quite organized but my life has changed & I have not changed with it. I’m drowning in clutter that I don’t seem to be able to get ahead of and STAY ahead of.

  33. William Holtkamp Says:

    6 months ago I got married and when my wife and I combined the two separate households into one we went from two similar sized residents into one slightly smaller residence and have been trying to catch up ever since. We are short closet space, as well as office space, and really do not even have what it takes for a proper file cabinet. We could definitely use some serious help getting things organized. I have used the Neat Receipt scanner for years as I travel for business and it makes expense reports a breeze, we have looked at purchasing the Desktop version, but without a space to put it and a computer to run it we have held off for now. We could use some serious help getting things organized so that we can have the space available to get tthe desktop system to really get organized.

  34. James C Says:

    I would be able to finally set up my office and fire on all cylanders ……pursue my dream of writing- and having a creative,serene – organized space.

  35. Ray Bracken Says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    I am trying to juggle too many things at once. I am president of our volunteer fire company, also starting a small business and working three states away from home. When I get home, all I successfully do is pile things and then move the piles. I need some help to get things and me organized.

  36. Ray Bracken Says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    I need help. I am president of our local volunteer fire company, am treasurer for our Fire Advisory Board of 93 fire companies. Attempting to start up a small business as well as work three states away for the Army. All I successfully do is create piles and then move the piles around.
    I need help organizing all the paperwork and me.
    Hope you can guide me to get me organized.

  37. Connie Neaveill Says:

    I am very disorganizationed. I brought the neat machine to get organizated and I am still having a very hard time. Everything is so over my head. I just don’t know where to start. I really, really, really do need some help and support.
    Thank You,
    Connie Neaveill

  38. Liz Picone Says:

    Our company is small in employee size (12) but is a million dollar revenue company. We truly only have 2 admin personnel, and could greatly benefit from a systematic evaluation and critique of our processes. Please help!

  39. Mardina Boykins Says:

    I have tons of paperwork, mail, (dead family members personal documents). I’m driving myself and my husband crazy. I really don’t have a plan or vision of how to do this quickly and orderly. I was home from work for two months with a broken foot. Between the pain I was able to scan a number of documents and shred them also, but I have had the strength or motivation to start back up again since I have returned to work. Please HELP Mardina Boykins

  40. Sallie A Morey Says:

    I have a neat receipt Model# scsa4601eu that will not scan. Can you direct me to someone who can help me troubleshoot this problem.

    I look forward to the chance to win a consult with you and try to get my household and three small businesses organized to that I can have a more efficient home office.


  41. Peter Kayser Says:

    Our accounting is actually growing too quickly. We are bringing on more clients tha we can prepare the work for in the alloted turn around time. The office is getting cluttered and were not 100% certain on how to use the neat desk to it’s potential.

  42. Matt Vangalis Says:

    Wow… where do I even begin? I work with a on-line virtual school, traveling throughout my territory educating students, parents, and school official on how to capitalize on a non-profit, state funded virtual school for free. I love what I do and staying organized is a MAJOR challenge. I just recently confirmed that I have suffered from ADHD throughout my life, which really complicates my things as a 46 year old single dad. Sometimes my life feels like one GIGANTIC pile of fragments. My e-mail inbox has over 3000 e-mails dating back to January 2011, my wallet has at least a dozen receipts waiting to be scanned by my NEAT scanner. O have business cards in virtually every room of my house, you cannot see my desk as I type this and the work I do generates millions of dollars worth of revenue for our school. What’s scary is trying to find receipts that I’ve already scanned. I know there is a way to organize and file everything, but I haven’t quite figured that out and once you start scanning receipts without a game plan in advance… well it’s kind of like I’m 75 miles down the country road and the thought of sticking to the interstate is too far behind me to go back. So, how would I benefit from an hour with a certified professional organizer? Let’s just say that I didn’t even know such a title existed and the concept of being a professional organizer is as foreign to me as how they can make a picture travel through airways with a combination of 10010110101110001. It would give me hope that my situation is not hopeless and perhaps start some healthy habits that would orgainze the pile of debris that I call normal.

  43. Alan Harrington Says:

    I am the worlds worst organizer. I could bentefit by knowing how to categorize and put everything in its proper place. That would be great.

  44. John Visentin Says:

    I have ADD (doesn’t everyone?!), I am the most disorganized person I know. I would say, “I am the most disorganized person in the world!” — but that would mean I could find the world and I can’t. I would benefit from Bonnie’s advice because I am so disorganized anything would help. When I do organize it’s “over-the-top.” So, it’s all or EVERYTHING, which is wasteful either way. So, putting a sense of balance on things would be a big help and I am sure Bonnie has a philosophy and a strategy of prioritizing, and I think that’s really the key to making organizing work. That’s what I like about Neat products (I have the desktop model and the portable), with Neat products it’s really the software interface — the smart software does the organizing.That’s the way I’ve sold it to my friends, since everybody sells scanners, it’s the software that sets neat products apart. Your software is to paper what iTunes is to media, music etc.



    John C. Visentin

  45. Mike Says:

    Would like to learn how to use Neat to store and then retrieve documents relating to accounting.

  46. Diane Mayfield Says:

    I am the mother of 8 (7 still at home, ages 4 to 20) and I work in my husband’s business at least 40 hours per week. I’ve tried many different ways to get myself organized but not much has worked out. (I purchased a NeatWorks scanner about 2 years ago and haven’t used it, I bought a secretary’s desk last summer to keep my bills and papers organized but haven’t set that up yet)

    I am doing well in the office but could use some suggestions for my home organization. I feel like I am wasting a lot of valuable time chasing down this and that because nothing has a place. I would benefit from a consultation by getting time back. Time that could be spent with my husband and children instead of cleaning and failing at attempts to organize.

  47. Michelle Ross Says:


    Having two households into one house and two boys in or out of house…paperwork and furniture is now cluttering the house. I have been slowly working at it but no true help from anyone.

    I am now ready for some true clean out and organization.

    By winning this competition, I would like to be able to get this place into shape so that we can move or live more comfortably and easily!!


    Michelle Ross

  48. Becky Helmlinger Says:

    I have several reasons: I am an office manager at a car dealer..I myself, am an organized person,but I find that I have difficulty with others and their un-organizational skills. I am trying to come up with a system of arranging or organizing a schedule to follow up on other….so they can be efficient at getting back to me.

    also, I am a wanna-be IT person, we hire out what I can’t do, but I am trying to learn alot on my own. I only have 25 computers to keep track of user names, passwords…etc…but really want to get organized to better my performance at my job. I am not afraid to learn new things, in fact like the challenge,so I offer to take on more, but find I need to organize to be time efficient.
    I am still of the old school at the age of 51…where I have a 8X11 paper on each computer…and try to keep up with password changes…sometimes wonder if computers can help me with that..or still with good old fashion paper….I have a netbook forjust that purpose…work info and handy info…just haven’t gotten away from paper???

    This seems VERY interesting to me….

    I appreciate your consideration….actually exited about the possibility of the help through the consultation…

    Becky Helmlinger 262-377-3020

  49. Elton E. Crowe Says:

    An hour with a professional organizer would truly be an answer to prayer. I purchased the Neat scanner several months ago. I have not been able to figure out how to organize my receipts and get them into a computerized filing system. I have tried to get help but have not found anyone with knowledge on how to use the Neat scanner.
    I had hoped that by buying the scanner I would be able to track my expenses, build a budget and eliminate the stress at tax time. This has not happened.
    I really question my purchase of the Neat scanner as I have not been able to do any of the things they advertise doing with the scanner.
    Elton E. Crowe
    E-mail: eecrowe@wildblue.net

  50. Janet Lessler Says:

    I am ususally very organized, but with short staffing, extra work load, and additional responsibilites things have turned into chaos and an avalanche of paperwork

  51. Margaret Jacoby Says:

    HELP!! I’ve been trying to get organized for 50 years!!

  52. Jim Leininger Says:

    Hi Bonnie and welcome.
    I would like a consult with you if I am so lucky to win.
    I need help with my proongo and definate help with my website.
    Good Luck to you.
    Jim Leininger

  53. Steven Wolf Says:

    I am a retired 70 year old with too much paper clutter. I am afraid to throw out my accumulated piles. I have had Neat Receipts for years, but I don’t know what is safe & logical to save to the computer & what to discard.

  54. Alison Zelen Pearlman Says:

    I started my own consumer insights consulting business in Jan 2009. My first year was a bit slow, but I was also expecting baby #2. One month before having the baby I received 2 calls from potential clients — and that was it, SPARK INSIGHT and INNOVATION took off like gang busters. I work on my own from my home office. It’s a great space and I started with beautiful office furniture (artistic desk and file cabinets, some book shelves (already full), a few filing cabinets and some frames articles on the walls, and a big screen tv). However, I find myself constantly among piles (even though I love to label & file) and I have large flip-chart post-its on the walls…I just can’t seem to get myself to a functional level where I feel I have the space to work & the organization system down. I am going to start with CRM software soon, as the 1st step in organizing, but I really need some help. I think a wall board system (that closes) could be useful but I can’t find what I need at a decent price…I need help to contain the business vs personal clutter and I just want the space to exude business, professionalism but also creativity (as is my business). I would REALLY LOVE to WIN this offer! Please help!

    Thank you!

  55. Marni Bonnin Says:

    Oh my Gosh! So many ways! I work full time in the emergency department and I’m raising two teenagers on my own. I am paying the bills for my rental home in Seattle and for my husband who is still living in Birmingham Alabama in our family home. Plus I’m trying to help my elderly mother manage herself, her health and finances in another state, Oregon. My garage is still full of boxes from the move out West and I have NO TIME to get organized. HELP!!

  56. Bob Elliott Says:

    I need help. I am sitting at my desk that has a Neat Desk, which I recently purchased, on it, trying to get started doing my 2010 taxes for my personal and business. I have Paper Tiger and Quickbooks Pro, and find them somewhat helpful, but don’t nknow where to start.

  57. Julia Layton Says:

    I recently moved and find that I have a myriad of paperwork that I have accumulated. I own two small home based businesses besides trying to keep on top of our household paperwork. PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! I could desperately use your help.

  58. Dr. Tally Burkhart Says:

    I am a 14 year English teacher with an Education Consulting business. With California’s budget challenge, I have been laid off. I am overwhelmed with my teaching paperwork, including lessons, resources, and huge binders of materials. I love my Neat product, but would like to find a way to make my office paperless, and an organization system for my almost ten foot pile of over a decade of teaching resources.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  59. Eddie Villasenor Says:

    I am looking to get more organized and would love to speak to someone who can guide me. Thank you look forward hearing from you.

  60. Tonja Grothe Says:

    With a busy family of 6, plus 2 cats and a dog, my life is busy. I LOVE organization, but feel like I can’t always find the time to organize something if I didn’t start a system right away with a new project, etc. Also, with 4 kids (& a husband) I find that MY system isn’t always followed. How can I find an easy system that everyone will use consistently?! We all share the home office, and it would be nice to have that and the most used area of the house, the kitchen, totally organized and streamlined for our busy lives!

  61. Joan De Roock Says:

    We need to find a workable organizational system for toys, clothes and schoolwork that my 10 year old daughter with Down syndrome can use. She has her own way of “organizing” which usually includes spreading everything neatly on the floor. It would be great to have a fun, easy way for her to access all of her things and also for her to be able to put them back where they belong. Thanks for your ideas.

  62. DeAnn Caylor Says:

    I am incredibly ADD as an adult and cannot seem to pull myself out of chaos. My daughter insists that organizing is not within the scope of my brain functions. She says I get a lost look when faced with a mess and that is certainly how I feel.

  63. Jan Simonis Says:

    I run a family of 5 with myself traveling for work in addition to my husband… the house often falls apart when I am gone. I would LOVE for someone to come in and help us establish systems that would keep our house organized so I am not continually reinventing the wheel when I get home…

    The NeatDesk scanner did that for my business….Now I just need someone to help our family do it for us!!!

  64. Amy Says:

    I NEED HELP !!!! I’m always looking for stuff, and my stepdaughter actually moved out, partly because our house is so messy & disorganized :-( this was really an eye-opener, and made me/us feel terrible. My son wants to have playdates, but the house is just not really in shape for that. It’s so unfair to him ! I’ve tried, and tried. Even hoped to find a ‘messies anonymous’ group to attend, but could not find one.

    Please help ?

  65. Steven Moss Says:

    Really need help with organizing my desk at home ! Thank you.

  66. Eric Brockman Says:

    I would like to win or purchase time with Bonnie Joy Dewkett to assist me with organizing my Neat-desk application software.

    Eric Brockman
    703 231 1090

  67. Tanya Campbell Says:

    My husband has a business we operate out of our house.
    He has a huge desk that is always covered in paper to the point he often uses our kitchen table.
    My desk often has things in little piles around my desk on the floor.

    Neither of us is very good at organization and I am sure any guidance we would get would be beneficial.

  68. Lloyd Torgove Says:

    My desk is totaled – – – -cluttered, – – -NEED HELP

  69. Pam Says:


    A consultation with Ms. Dewkett would benefit me in several ways. First, I would be able to consult with her, and gain her knowledge, expertise, and experience in professional organizing. As such, I could go on to implement her professional expertise/knowledge in my home and professional life to improve production, time saving efforts, and of course, organization to hopefully increase work production and improve the quality of work/life with the knowledge that I would gain from a consultation.

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this unique opportunity.

    Best regards,

  70. Heather Liggett Says:

    I am the Director of Sales and Marketing for a multi-million dollar medical gear company. I’m pretty sure that I have ADHD. I am so easily distracted and find it very hard to stay focused on one task for very long. I need a daily system that allows me short bursts of hard, focused work on a project peppered with other daily tasks to keep me from completely losing focus and giving up all together. Please help!

    Heather Liggett

  71. Candy McCutcehon Says:

    I have had my Neat machine for just a short time. I guess I just haven’t mastered it yet. I need help.

  72. Robert Rooman Says:

    I’m 87, and having difficulty knowing just how the NEAT unit keeps “LIKE” papers recorded and shown. I curtrently must have 60 or 70 copied, and can not find them in an order

  73. Ariel Rivas Says:

    Im disorganize :)

  74. genevieve luce Says:

    sounds awesome. i am in the process of organizing myself better so as to save time and energy.

  75. LYNNE Says:


  76. Valerie Says:

    Paper is my nightmare. It is everywhere. HELPPPPP!!!!!

  77. Inge Hanson Says:

    I have bin so exidet to get the Neat organizer and still are.
    at age 82 one needs all the help one can get!!!!!
    I cant get the hang of it ,Help would be a haven send.
    Greetings from Inge

  78. Susana Abastta Says:


  79. Carl Franzen Says:

    First of all, making organizational JOYFUL seems almost an oxymoron! And I do need calm. My wife claims I am on the verge of being a hoarder. I think of myself as a collector. Do’nt worry, you will not see me on TV. I am on the verge of organization but am not always able to find everything I am looking for! I have not yet fully utilized my Neat Desk System as my fault is in determining the system that will make sence to retrieve data. I always have to try hard to dispose of things I do not really need but may someday. Some professional advise would be helpful and if it’s Joyful even better.

  80. Merry Hofmann Says:

    I would benefit highly from a consultation with Bonnie because my biggest area of need is how to deal with paper. I have never developed an effective method of dealing with the constant flow of paper that streams into our home, so I have piles of boxes and baskets in my garage, drawers and desk areas. Most of these papers include important statements as well as keepsakes, not to mention junk mail that should have been thrown away long ago. I recently began going through the old boxes again, but have mostly been dealing with the recent flow of paper to prevent such a build-up again. I’ve begun a loose filing system, but need help to know how to organize it all. I also am a perpetual saver with other things, so need help in how to get rid of clutter. Thanks for your consideration!

  81. Mindy Says:

    I have files now for my home, business, and parents in a small space after the loss of my mother and the need to move my dad. It’s overwhelming. Please help me find my calm again.

  82. Frances Berg Says:

    I would love to have this consultation, because I am not very organized at home, and have not even done my 2010 income taxes yet! I recently purchased the scanner organizer, and have yet to even hook it up! I need help.

  83. Anna Arvetis Says:

    I would like to get organized with my personal paperwork, receipts, bank statements, etc. I’m tired of seeing papers all over my bedroom office.

  84. Nancy Says:

    have to scan everything into my won files so carbonite will save them so I won’t lose the things I scan. It is a pain. Can you show me how I can do it “your way”?

  85. Brenda Munusamy Says:

    I recently moved into my house. I want to keep it organized, especially the garage.

  86. John Dittmar Says:

    I am 78 years young! I’ve collected a lot of “things” during my life. I’ve gotten rid of much of these “things” but still have much I would like to get organized before I leave this mortal coil. I would not like to leave a large impossible mess for my wife and/or children. I am not adverse to taking and accepting concrete and constructive instructions. I learned to follow “orders” while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. A session with Bonnie Joy would be most welcomed! Thanks.

  87. Beau Takahara Says:

    I’m not a hoarder of stuff, but I am drowning in paper. I need some help with my home business organization and my home papers. A consultation would be amazing.

  88. Allyson King Says:

    I need you really badly Bonnie!! I’ve bought all these wonderful things to get organized, but just can’t seem to get there!! Help in Atlanta!!

  89. Ed Reardon Says:

    I bought the Neat scanner 3 months ago and it is in the corner collecting dust while I have stacks of paper, bills etc. all over the house and office. I need to develop systems on how to actually use the product I bought.

    Ed Reardon

  90. Edward Master III Says:

    I run a very busy catering business and have done so for the last 12 years. I do it all and need the expertise of a professional office manager/customer agent. I focus on needed activities but I HATE office work. I always try to organize my space but it always falls behind what I love to do, cook and greet clients. My real passion is food and smiles. My taxes are always last minute and not in any order. If I could only hire someone….but trust is a big factor in my world and I’m releculant to hire as in the past it has been a huge business mistake. I like to inspect what I expect but I don’t have the time to protect myself from others. Organization!! Could be the road to recovery.


    Ed Master III

  91. Robbin Rinehart Says:

    My “office” is a bedroom in my home. I direct an educational co-op with 64 students enrolled and coordinate 8 tutors for the morning program and 2 tutors for the afternoon program. It is also where we do bill paying, record keeping and calendar planning for the family. It is also a classroom for two grades and a library since we homeschool. I would benefit from Bonnie’s help by pulling together all these different worlds in one room without the piles all converging. We would like to easily get around the different parts of the room while conducting each of these different roles.

  92. Andy Henrick Says:

    I can’t seem to keep up with the paper that accumulates on my desk. The harder I work to clear it, the higher the pile becomes. Help!

  93. KJ Says:

    My home office is CHAOS!!! All the family members, along with myself, hate looking at it. I try to be organized and usually know what stack to look under, but get sidetracked quite often in the process. I have a ton of catalogs for work and don’t quite know how to get it all organized and functioning properly. I don’t get a lot accomplished because I am always looking for something or relocating something to where I can find it……. but then can’t find it. I get overwhelmed all the time. I NEED HELP……..from an expert organizer.

  94. Todd Says:

    My office is so unorganized i don’t even know where to start……HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am so unorganized i cant even organize my thoughts!

  95. Harold Fritts Says:

    My apartment is my “office” and is the first thing you see when coming through the door. Typically, my desk is covered with paper. Worse than that, my electronic desk is so disorganized I might as well have one file folder called MISC.

    It takes me too much time to find documents, paper and scanned and I get way too stressed trying to come up with a plan. I hope that a one hour session will get me organized and keep me that way.


  96. Vicki Carini Says:

    I am a new blueberry farmer and I run rentals on Lake Michigan.I am looking to better myself and my new company. With Bonnie’s help believe that I can better my farm ands my clients lives. I have looked at other products but the Neat scanner has been by far the best product on the market to assist a new business in organizing my paperwork. Bonnie would be the icing on the top!

  97. Jennifer Thurn Says:

    Arrgh, Help, Help, Help! I keep trying to start the paper organization with my neat reciept scanner and something always stops me from completing the entire process. Time,work,computer software kid/helper “accidently” deleting all the stuff I started scanning, and maybe not understanding the best way of setting up the organization process with my scanner and papers besides just my reciepts. The paper piles shrink for a while and but then never go away completely.
    I feel like I could keep up,if somehow I could just organize and catch up. Would love to have the help to point me in the right direction.

  98. Helen Engelmeyer Says:

    I have been with Primerica and my husband for over 25 yeras. I run a sales force of over 100 licensed associates. With that comes lots of forms, compliance, and filing. Company has attempted to get us paperless but as you know that will never happen at any office where people and agents do personal one on one with families across the kitchen table. They will always use paper. I do billing, scheduling,servicing assocoates as well as clients, mail out forms,plus compliance for security licensed reps. Highly regulated. Simplifying day to day tasks, things for tomorrow, without paper would be fantastic. Most offices our size have 2 to 3 assistants. I do not. Simplifying paper is a much much needed goal.

  99. Everett Stamper Says:

    Wow, looks like a lot of people need your help too, but I really need your help.

  100. Janice McCreary Says:

    I have a Neat Receipts scanner. I have used it for about 1 1/2 years and just made .pdf’s of my 2010 receipts and saved them to a disk. However, I have “papers” that are filed, but are not easily retrievable because they are scattered between 3 filing cabinets. I am not naturally organized like the rest of my siblings and parents. After 32 years of marriage you can image the amount of items I have saved and stuffed into drawers.
    I could use a pep-talk and specific steps to get a hold of papers.

  101. Elizabeth Says:

    I am a solo Practioner caring for patients and my income is ased upon keeping up with a gazillion changing details from Insurance carriers. I provide a simple service and with out it I do believe people wolud be losing limbs and incurring unecessary dissability. The simplier I keep the details the better the care/I am able to get services that are desparatly needed. Any consulting advice or help is greatly appreciated.

    I am in awe thinking about how fast I was able to scan, save, and reprint one page of a 45 page Insurance Carrier contract yesterday.
    Thank you Neat Desk Deveopers and associates.


  102. Christine Larson Says:

    My home, car, office etc. all look like a wind tunnel came through it. Very rarely do I even open my mail, because I am in such a hurry with managing my household of 5 people. I have a husband who is a farmer/rancher and 5 years ago, his father passed away and the entire bookkeeping procedures, farm programs and documents, banking and operational loans information etc. all landed on MY lap. My husband can’t even type! UGH! I have 3 children and am self-employed as a massage therapist! I am even disorganized with my patient notations! I am so buried, I do not even know where to begin. I keep a big cardboard box on the floor and all mail lands in there. If I need to refer to something I know it’s somewhere in that box. The ironic thing to my story is that about 6 months ago, I actually purchased the Neat Scanner to finally get things organized….HA! It’s still in the box… I’ve looked at it, read the instructions quickly and briefly and decided to do it “later”…. like everything else. I usually don’t even enter transactions into Quicken until April for our accountant. And then I have to spend weeks inputting all checks written and catagorized. Please help me…. I’m drowning in Montana!

  103. Ryan Shirley Says:

    I’d like a consult just to see if there is a faster and/or easier way of doing what I’m already doing.

  104. Teresa Edmisten Says:

    I love organization! Getting something organized is fairly easy; keeping it that way is more of a challenge. I would enjoy suggestions on staying organized.

  105. Desperat Cyndy Says:

    Well I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from a little organisation these days. I have a home office in a bedroom. Need I say more. The perfect vision of looking for something & TAADAA there it is. I always find it I just know that there should be an easier way to get the same result. I think that the benefits from this 1 hour would be like going towards the light. No more hair pulled out, THE BEST WOULD BE THE SHOCKED LOOK ON EVERYONES FACE WHEN THEY CAN SEE THE BED, AND GET THEIR ANSWER IN SECONDS NOT HOURS.

  106. Christine Lowery Says:

    I am a retired court reporter, having retired in 2008. Since then, my husband was in a motorcycle accident and fractured both arms. Needless to say, I needed to be his arms and hands for quite a while. Then, in 2009, we moved my 85-year old mother, who has dementia, into our home so that I could take care of her. On top of this, I have a 29-year old son who has cerebral palsy who still needs attention. I am in no way complaining. Believe it, or not, I love my life! I just do not have any spare time to deal with all the paperwork that consumes my life! I need Bonnie’s help at getting organized and then perhaps I could manage better all that I need to deal with. I would so appreciate any help she could give!

  107. Melinda Traub Says:

    Hello, I am a mother of two boys, I have two jobs, and going to college. I am an organizational disaster. Please help me to organize my home and time. My biggest fear is that I do not spend enough time with my boys. Can you help me?

  108. Gail Cripple Says:

    I was told about 35 yrs.ago I would learn to respect paperwork, well so far it still hasn,t happen. But that is why i am a nervous wreck. I am shaking now just talking about it. I haven’done my taxes in two years my cpa is now waiting for them and I just can’t handle all these bags of receipt. I keep butting him off. When I seen your ad I couldn’t believe my eyes. I now have two of them but I scared to read all the paperwork to be connected. I am going to try this weekend,but oh am I shaking.
    On my grave stone it willread “paperwork is what put her here”. No one wants to give the receipts.I run our business and it is always in disarray. I want to thank you very much for this scanner. It is life saver. Thank You Gail

  109. Stacy Gradisher Reed Says:

    I feel frustrated because I have tried and tried every system and arrangement I could think of. I love being a teacher, and every August I set up my “new” system. By the following June, I am discouraged by spending a week cleaning up the mess from that failed system. Every June, I feel overwhelmed as I spend a week cleaning and organizing my home office with the next “new” system there. Each time I find myself and my desk buried under piles of paperwork and debris. At 46, I feel like a failure and wonder if I’ll ever be able to “get organized” and develop a system that will work. I have a Neat Organizer, but I can’t seem to figure out how that can help, so, “Help!”

  110. Michele Says:

    I am a mother of two wonderful and active children. I worked from home for 10 years until my children were in school for a full day. I am very fortunate to have had that time and an employer who supported it. After being downsized I began the next phase of my career, which involved full time in the office. My husband and I work out the kids activities pretty well (staying involved as coaches, assistants, any way we can). But some of home-organization has suffered and i would really benefit from some time with Bonnie to get back on track! I love neat receipts and want to use the product to it’s fullest capabilities!

    Thank you Neatco!
    Michele Musumeci

  111. Lee Jones Says:

    The process-concept has made sense to me since 1983. Now, more than ever, since we’re both retired, I want to ‘organize’, clean-off my desk/filing cabinets,cause documents to be retrievable from a database in a digital environment. Once established and working, I’ll share my experiences with everyone I can. I hope to transform the condominium management office into a ‘paperless’ operation. The efficiency of the operation may be improved at least 10-fold, if not more. The contribution to the environment, the Green movement will become part of our mantra for the condominium association as well as our own private lives. I’m confident a consult with Bonnie will help us realize my goal even sooner than I expect now.
    Thank you!

  112. Timmye Cochran Says:

    Ms Bonnie,
    I own and operate my own small engine repair business. I have been doing bookkeeping for others for a good long time, and I cannot seem to keep up and keep my own stuff together!!
    Started the business when my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I live next door to the parents and wanted to be able to be available for them and for my son and husband.
    Well I kept doing bookkeeping part-time and repair both going till May of this year and now small engine repair all the time!!
    Well my business, my personal, and my dad’s (mom passed away in november) financial bookkeeping is in an absolute mess…it seems like my life has been been shaken and turned upside down, now all the ‘stuff’ is falling apart!! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!
    Thank you,
    Timmye Cochran

  113. Malcolm Hachborn Says:

    I am chairman of a national orgainzation, sit on three committees in this organization and I am treasurer for a local skating club as well as working full time and running a consulting business on the side. I look after a family cottage and just recently, my father passed away. I have tried a number of organizational software tools and have found that the to do list on an excel worksheet is still one of the best for getting things done and keeping a done list keeps me motivated to record what has been done and makes me feel I have accomplished most of what needs to be done but the paper work is what kills time. I purchased a neat scanner and have started using it but do not find the filing system as workable as I would like. I realize I need some additional help in getting myself better organized to do justice to all of the committees I sit on and still make time for my wife and three daughters. I am sure a session with Bonnie would be very benefitial.

  114. Sue M. Phillips Says:

    I could sure use guidance and a system for organizing my husband’s medical bills, in addition to my work paperwork. With every weekly hospitalization you get a hospital bill and separate bills for surgeons, radiologists, x-rays… separate bills for cat scans, medical supplies, etc. I am so overwhelmed! Having a scanning and filing system could replace the 9 giant plastic storage containers full of medical records that have taken over my room! I get so much less done because I just don’t know where to start…

  115. chad wilde Says:

    I am a physician, doing research and treating elderly, veterans and focusing on interventional pain management. I work 14-16 hour days on my short days, 6-7 days a week, and I can’t seem to get caught up. I am always trying to help others to my 100% and doesn’t leave extra time, my family suffers at the expense of others.

    Some basic techniques will benefit far more than myself, my staff and my patients.
    Please consider my situation, listening and helping people with chronic pain can be a burden or a gift, help me to help others.

    Thank you for your consideration


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