Neat and Microsoft Deepen Their Strategic Partnership

Neat Integrates Microsoft OneNote into NeatConnect, Industry’s First Direct-to-Cloud Scanner

Philadelphia, PA – June 10, 2014 – Neat®, a leader in Smart Organization Systems for the small business and consumer markets, today announced a partnership with OneNote, Microsoft’s industry-leading note-taking application. Neat will integrate OneNote into NeatConnect allowing users to scan documents directly to OneNote without the need for a computer. The partnership will significantly enhance Neat’s direct-to-cloud capabilities and enable OneNote to further its leadership position by providing customers a seamless method to transform paper into digital documents. NeatConnect debuted in October as the first wireless scanner to include direct scan-to-cloud functionality featuring an integrated touchscreen interface.

This collaboration represents Neat and OneNote’s commitment to provide their customers with solutions that make it easy to access and share their paper and digital documents and manage their important information in the cloud. The scan-to-cloud technology offered through NeatConnect provides users with a simple way to connect to OneNote, all without being tethered to a computer or requiring an intermediate device or software application.

“This is a world where information you care about is expected to be as close as your fingertips and just as easy to instantly share,” said James Lau, principal program manager for OneNote. “Our partnership with Neat further enhances OneNote’s ability to deliver all your notes and documents—in one place and with you, anywhere .”

“Neat’s ability to transform paper documents into useable digital information makes it the perfect complement for the OneNote user,” said Evan Kramer, chief marketing officer of Neat. “Digitally organizing your important information regardless of its original format, simplifies and speeds everyday tasks giving users time for more important matters.”

NeatConnect includes:

To experience NeatConnect first-hand, please view this short overview video that details the available features and functions.

OneNote includes:

About Smart Organization Systems

A Smart Organization System is a desktop, cloud and mobile system where important documents and information can be safely stored, organized, accessed and shared. The information can originate from analog (paper) or digital formats (PDF, JPEG, etc.) and be placed in the Smart Organization System by scanning, emailing, mobile device image capture or uploading.

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Neat is the leading developer of Smart Organization Systems for the small business and home markets. Neat’s unique combination of cloud, mobile, desktop software, and hardware scanning solutions transform important documents into usable digital information. Neat’s comprehensive Smart Organization System helps you organize, access, and share both paper and digital documents simplifying everyday tasks so you have more time to do what matters. Neat’s solutions consist of NeatConnect, NeatDesk®, NeatReceipts®, NeatCloud®, NeatVerify® and NeatScan®. Learn more at

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. OneNote is Microsoft’s information gathering program allowing users to capture, record, organize, search and reuse information collected and kept all in one place. Learn more and download OneNote on all your devices at