March 5th, 2007

NeatReceipts and Windows Vista

Dear Customers,
Microsoft Vista introduced several security-related changes to the core functionality of the operation system that changed or interfered with long established software development practices. These changes include running software in a reduced-rights mode, and restrictions on writing to certain parts of the Windows registry, writing files to and from the installation directory, and the management of services such as MSDE.

We’re making progress towards making NeatReceipts compatible with the changes in Vista. Here’s where we stand:

  • – We’ve currently identified all of the major issues that Vista introduced, have triaged those issues, and have development plans in place to address those that have not yet already been addressed.
  • – We have a large portion of our development staff solely dedicated to addressing these issues and creating Vista-compatible code for NeatReceipts.
  • – Every day we produce at least one if not more internal builds of NeatReceipts that we hand off to our Quality Assurance group, who diligently tests the changes for proper functionality in Vista. We’re dedicated to releasing a completely working version of Vista-compatible NeatReceipts, so we are spending a good deal of time on Quality Assurance and testing.
  • – We’re steadfastly staying on track to hit our target release this April.

We understand the frustration that you feel, and are working to address every issue that Vista introduced into NeatReceipts, while making sure that any changes we do make do not create new issues for those users who have not yet chosen to upgrade to Windows Vista. Please be assured that we’re very dedicated to making NeatReceipts Vista-compatible, and will have an update ready within the next few weeks.


The NeatReceipts Team

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5 Responses

  1. Mike Says:

    Please advise as to the status of your progress. Thanks.

  2. Mary Says:

    Gents – Ladies

    A year and more – any releases?

  3. gerald janis Says:

    Please keep me informed when NEAT will be compatible with Vista. Thanks.

  4. Tim Fontaine Says:

    So the purchased software I have does not work on my pc. Will you provide me a refund purchase price and I will mail it back to you?

  5. Harrison Says:


    My neat receipt upon start-up shows an error notification
    “an unexpected error occured while using neatreceipts professional…..”
    it wont backup, save as PDF, or SCAN as PDF after that.
    Is this the popular Vista encounter I’m having?
    I need a way around it.
    Many thanks if you can help.

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