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Historic Norristown fire company digitizes 160 years of records

July 3, 2014

How long do you hang onto things like old receipts, tax returns and bills?Five … seven … 160 years?When they found themselves buried under an avalanche of pulp dating back to the 1850s, the brave volunteers of Fairmount Engine Company No. 2 needed a little rescuing themselves for a change.“We have a lot of records […]

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NeatConnect hands-on: Cloud syncing via WiFi digitizes documents quickly

May 16, 2014

We are moving towards a paperless society, but there are still receipts, business cards, and other documents that appear in paper. The NeatConnect helps you quickly digitize and manage these documents. Read the rest here!

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Review: NeatDesk

The Neat Company (formerly NeatReceipts) was born from a single idea: that there’s a better way to deal with receipts for expense reports.  Over time, the idea has grown and changed into something much more powerful: a way to transform and manage any kind of paper, with live data you can use. Read the rest […]

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7 Gifts for Your Mother, Who is “Trying to Downsize”

“This year is the year,” your mother has told you for the past five years. The woman has been meaning to get organized for as long as you can remember, but her organizational intentions have never been carried out, likely because going through a lifetime of items that are not only your own, but your husband’s, your […]

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