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Mobile Data Verification Service

When you send a mobile scan through NeatVerify, your image passes through a team of specialists at Neat who make sure that the key information is accurately read and extracted. The verification process only takes a few minutes and, once verified, your items will appear in your Neat inbox.

Your Neat plan comes with 30 verifications per month. Need more credits? Just upgrade to NeatVerify 60 or NeatVerify 120.

NeatVerify is only compatible with receipts and business cards scanned by the Neat mobile app.

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NeatVerify 30

30 total


NeatVerify 60

60 total


NeatVerify 120

120 total

It’s like having your own personal assistant to double-check your files

NeatVerify provides exceptional accuracy any time you’re scanning a receipt or business card with the Neat mobile app, but it really shines when you’re dealing with faded receipts or handwritten totals – such as a restaurant bill with an added tip. The process is safe and secure, and you’ll know your data is as accurate as possible. And that means peace of mind.


Depending on the plan you choose, you will have 30, 60, or 120 total credits per month — which you can decide to use (or not) each time you take a mobile scan. If an image cannot be verified (because the image is too blurry, etc) no credit will be used. Credits are per month and do not roll over or accumulate.

Verification can only be performed on receipts and business cards scanned with the Neat mobile app, not other types of documents.