Neat Fleet Program Details and Application

The Neat Fleet is a highly-tactical dream team of Neat power users with specialized skill sets and knowledge. The Fleet consists of industry and subject matter experts in a variety of fields and topics. We have Professional Organizers, Tax Preparers, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Gurus, Home Finance Managers and Neat power-users (just to name a few!).

Neat Fleet members share their experiences, expertise and advice with the greater Neat community on the website. From general guidance and advice, to specific tips on using Neat products more effectively in a given industry, the Fleet is there to assist.

As a Neat Fleet member, you are also identified as a Neat Service Provider who actively uses our products to run your business more effectively, or who promotes Neat products to your own clients. For example, a Neat customer who uses our product to organize their taxes may look here to find a tax preparer who accepts Neat-prepared tax reports or database files.

Do you have what it takes?

The Perks

The Neat Fleet consists of the best of the best and we can't wait for you to share your expertise and experiences with the Neat community. For your efforts, here's what you'd get in return.

  1. Listing on The Neat Company website
  2. Local and national media opportunities
  3. Access to member-only discounts
  4. Premium Level affiliate program membership


What We're Looking For

We're looking for industry and subject matter experts who are in the know! You've got relevant information and key insights that could change the world. We want you on our team! Here's what we're seeking:

  1. Neat users who have transformed their offices and homes, processes and workflow with the power of digitization.
  2. Expertise in Real Estate, Consulting, Accounting, Tax Preparation, Financial Management, Organization or Entrepreneurism.
  3. Online presence and following. You've created online content and have a blog or regularly Tweet or participate on Facebook.
  4. You've written articles or books and captivate audiences at conferences and seminars.

How It Works

If you are accepted as a Neat Fleet member, The Neat Company will select you as a Featured Member within twelve months of joining this coveted dream team. Featured Members are highlighted in the Solutions section of Neat's website for one month. During that month, we ask the following:

  1. Send us your beauty shot, biography and profile, so we can tout your skills.
  2. Share your know-how and wisdom in the form of an article, blog post, etc.
  3. Participate and lead the discussion in Neat's online forum.
  4. Link to Neat's website (we'll link to yours).

Additional guidelines and details will be provided prior to the feature month.

During the months that a Neat Fleet member is not featured, your profile, list of services and contact information will be listed on in the Solutions area of the Neat website.

Membership Guidelines

  • Neat Fleet membership is a voluntary program. We thank you in advance!
  • The Neat Company does not pay members for their participation and contributions.
  • The Neat Company retains the right to edit content, if necessary.
  • The Neat Company retains the right to use the great content provided by Neat Fleet members.
  • The Neat Company can discontinue a relationship with a Neat Fleet member if deemed appropriate. Accordingly, a Neat Fleet Member can end the relationship with The Neat Company at any time. However, we hope you don't!



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