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  1. For faster scanning and smaller file sizes, scan items in black-and-white instead of color.
  2. To quickly create a PDF for email purposes, insert your item into the scanner and click the PDF button. You’ll be prompted to specify where you’d like the item saved. Then, simply attach the item to an email and send. (Note: If you’d like the item to be stored in Neat, you can scan the item into Neat and then export the item out as PDF at any time.)
  3. Neat products can be considered tax-deductible if you purchased them for business use.
  4. Assign tax categories to tax-deductible expenses throughout the year and simply run a report at tax time. No more digging through boxes at the end of the year or paying your tax preparer to do this work for you.
  5. Did you know the IRS accepts digital copies of receipts (IRS Procedure 97-22)?
  6. Backup your Neat data on a regular basis to prevent data loss in case of computer problems.
  7. Every item in Neat is keyword searchable. Simply type in a word or phrase to find information in important documents in seconds.
  8. Protect against unforeseen circumstances by maintaining records of purchases for insurance purposes in case of burglary, fire, or flooding.
  9. Preserve memories by scanning in your children’s drawings or report cards – even scan and save your favorite recipes.
  10. Scan and recycle your paper – what’s valuable is the information on the paper, not the paper itself.


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Neat transforms your digital and paper documents into useful, organized information. Our integrated system of software, hardware, cloud service, and mobile app makes it easy to acquire, search, share, and access your most important information - anywhere, anytime.

Organize your information, simplify your life.