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NeatWorks 4.0 SP3 Update

NeatWorks 4.0 users: update your NeatWorks software to the latest version today!

Improved PDF Support: NeatWorks V4 SP3 has dramatically improved image quality and reduced PDF file sizes by up to 75%! (Exceptions may occur based on graphic content.)

Please follow these instructions to update your software to NeatWorks 4.0 SP3:

  • Back up your NeatWorks database, then close the NeatWorks application. To back up your database, go to Tools > Database > Backup. In the Save dialog box that opens, browse to the appropriate location on your hard drive and save the backup file with the default .nrbak file extension.

  • Download the appropriate file below on to your computer. Please see instructions below for choosing the appropriate version. Click on the DOWNLOAD UPDATE NOW button, choose Save (do not choose Open) and save it on your Desktop when presented with a Save As dialog box.

  • Once the file has been downloaded to your desktop, double-click and the update wizard will launch.
  • If the update requests that you restart your PC, please allow it to do so. After restarting, the update is completely installed and you may launch NeatWorks.

Vista Users:

You must choose one of the two files below to update your software. The version you choose depends on whether you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system. To determine which system you have, click on the Start Menu icon, go to Settings > Control Panel, then click on System. Under the system information, you will see your operating system type (32-bit or 64-bit).

Windows XP Users: Please download the 32-bit version.

32-bit Version:
 download icon

NeatWorks 4.0 SP3 Update (32-bit) | 79.8MB | DOWNLOAD NOW

64-bit Version:
 download icon

NeatWorks 4.0 SP3 Update (64-bit) | 80.4MB | DOWNLOAD NOW


(If you own Version 4.0 but need to install on a 64-bit compatible computer, please click here for installation instructions.)



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