Neat transforms paper and electronic documents into organized digital files that are easy to find, use, and share. NeatCloud and the Neat mobile app make your information even more active and accessible.

download userguide pdf Getting Started With Neatcloud

Download this User Guide

You can keep it in your Neat Digital Filing System to reference if you have any questions. Download this page as a PDF.

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Ultimate Security for All Your Files

When your documents are in NeatCloud, they’re not only synchronized between your various devices, they’re securely backed up on our servers. We take security seriously – NeatCloud uses SSL encryption, and protects your files with the same encryption standard used by most banks to secure customer data.

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Use Neat on Your Mobile Devices

Use the Neat app for iOS or Android to transform your
smartphone or tablet into a handy Neat scanner – and
another way to access your files.

Learn how to use Neat on mobile

Use Neat on the Web

Sign in to NeatCloud from any computer, and securely access
all of your files through the web – with no software required.

Sign in to NeatCloud

Learn how to use Neat on the web

use web Getting Started With Neatcloud
use mobile Getting Started With Neatcloud

Connect Everything

NeatCloud connects your Digital Filing System
across multiple computers and mobile devices.

Learn how to sync with Neat software

Be Neat everywhere, with the Neat app. With the Neat app, your important files are always close at hand and available wherever you go.

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Downloading the App

The Neat app lets you access Neat from your smartphone
or tablet. Download the app, then sign in on your device
with your NeatCloud account.

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You Get the Picture

The Neat app lets you use the camera on your mobile device to scan items into Neat. Just select “Scan,” choose an item type, and take a picture of the item you’d like to scan. 

Select the destination folder, add any notes you want to include… and Neat will do the rest!

Neat Recognizes Every Item as a Receipt, Contact, or Document


Neat instantly captures information like Vendor, Date, Amount, and Payment Type.


Neat transforms business cards into digital contacts, instantly recognizing all of the contact information.


Neat runs Intelligent Text Recognition on every word of every document, so you can keyword search anything.

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When you scan an item with your phone, it will be uploaded to NeatCloud for intelligent processing. While this happens, you’ll see a placeholder item appear in the destination folder you selected during scanning. You’ll get a pop-up notification on your device when your item is ready.

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Viewing Your Inbox

Your Inbox is divided into the following folders: From Email, From Mobile, From NeatScan, and From Web Import. Items you send to Neat will be put into the appropriate folder automatically so they’re easy to find.

Scans you take with your mobile device will appear in the “From Mobile” folder of your Inbox when they’re done processing.

NeatVerify is an optional service that ensures the highest possible accuracy for your mobile scans of receipts and business cards, using a team of specialists to ensure key information is read and extracted correctly. It’s perfect for faded receipts or handwritten totals, such as a restaurant bill with an added tip

You can choose to send an item to NeatVerify right after you scan it by turning NeatVerify “on” in the review screen.

Your NeatCloud account comes with 30 FREE NeatVerify credits, so give it a try! NeatVerify comes in monthly plans.

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Viewing and Sharing Your Files

All of your files and folders will appear just like they do on your computer. You can even share items directly through the Neat app to easily collaborate with others.

Browse Files and Folders

Browse your folders and see every item quickly. Tap an item to take a closer look.

View Items

View the original document, as well as the information extracted by Neat’s Intelligent Text Recognition.

Edit Anywhere

Edit item information right from your mobile device – even if the item was scanned at home.

Email Items

Select the item you’d like to share, tap the Share icon, and instantly create an email with your chosen item attached as a PDF.

Share Folders

Select a folder, tap the Share icon, and share read-only access to that folder. You’ll be able to view and add comments to items in shared folders, for convenient collaboration.

If you can get to the internet, you can get to your Neat files. Sign in to your NeatCloud account from anywhere at

Signing In to NeatCloud

When you go to, you’ll be asked to sign in with your username and password. Use the same account information you created when you originally signed up for NeatCloud. You’ll be able to view, edit, and move items – just like you do with your Neat software.

Sign in to NeatCloud Online

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The NeatCloud Web Interface

Using the interface of is easy and intuitive.
Even if you’re not familiar with Neat’s software setup, you’ll have no problems being organized with NeatCloud.


NeatCloud uses the same folder tree structure as our desktop software. Because of the Sync function, your files and folders on NeatCloud will be identical to those in your Neat desktop software, and vice versa.

web interface screen Getting Started With Neatcloud
web interface actions Getting Started With Neatcloud


The Actions menu lets you create and delete items, move or download files, share files and folders, and more. The options presented in this menu will vary depending on whether you are viewing a file or folder.

Note that changes you make in NeatCloud will be reflected on your desktop and other Neat installations when you sync. For example, an item you move to the trash in NeatCloud will also be moved to the trash in your Neat software.

Adding Items to Neat with NeatCloud

NeatCloud gives you some new ways to get items into Neat, making it easier than ever before to build up your Digital Filing System.

adding items importing Getting Started With Neatcloud

Importing Files

The Import button lets you browse your computer for items to add to Neat. You can even drag and drop files to quickly add to your Digital Filing System. Files you import will undergo Intelligent Text Recognition in the cloud, then appear as new items in the “From Web Import” folder of your Neat Inbox. It’s one of the fastest, simplest ways to add files to Neat.

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Email In

When you sign up for NeatCloud, you’ll be provided an @neatcloud email address. Anything you forward to this address, with or without attachments, will appear in the “From Email” folder of your Neat Inbox. It’s perfect for dealing with digital receipts and other important emails. You can find your @neatcloud email address in the “My Account” section of NeatCloud.

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Get A Head-Start with NeatScan

Have lots to scan, and no time to do it yourself? Let us give you a hand! With NeatScan, you send us what you want scanned and we do the work for you, adding it to your account via NeatCloud.

Learn More About NeatScan

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Collaborating Through NeatCloud

NeatCloud gives you more ways than ever to share files and work with others, making it the ultimate tool for collaboration.

Sharing an Item

You can share individual items with ease through NeatCloud. Select the item you want to share, then choose “Email Selected Item” from the Actions menu.

Sharing a Folder

You can use NeatCloud to share entire folders with other people at any time – even if they don’t have NeatCloud. They’ll get read-only access to your files, and will be able to comment on items.

Simply select the folder you’d like to share, and choose “Share Folder” from the Actions menu.


When you share a folder, each user can add comments to the items in that folder. Comments can be added when viewing an item.

Adding Users to Your Account

It’s possible to add users to your NeatCloud account, giving complete access to everything in your Digital Filing System.
Manage additional users in your Account Settings.

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creating reports screen Getting Started With Neatcloud

Creating Expense Reports

To create an expense report in NeatCloud, begin by placing all items you’d like included in the report into a single folder. Then use the “Report” button to create your report.

Your report will be saved in the same folder you used to create it. You’ll also have the option to instantly download your report to your computer.

Searching Everywhere

Finding items is easy with NeatCloud. Start with the basic Search bar – enter a term in here, and Neat will search your entire Digital Filing System for matching terms.

Saved Search

When you perform a search in NeatCloud, you’ll see a Save Search button. When you save a search, it will appear beneath your folder tree, in the left-hand column of your screen.

search every screen Getting Started With Neatcloud

NeatCloud sets your Digital Filing System free with the power of the cloud. No matter how or where you access your files, they’ll always be up to date.

Bringing It All Together

The backbone of NeatCloud is the Sync function. No matter how you access Neat, you’ll have the latest versions of your files.

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Syncing for the First Time

Use the Sync button in your Neat desktop software to initiate your first sync.
If you have a large library of files, this first sync could take some time to complete. Once Sync is on, it will work behind the scenes to keep your files up to date.

Secure Backup for
Your Important Files

NeatCloud backs up everything you have in your Digital Filing System, and protects your
information and privacy with the same encryption technology used by most major banks.

secure backup cloud Getting Started With Neatcloud
multi desktops cloud Getting Started With Neatcloud

Multiple Desktops

NeatCloud works to keep your information in sync across multiple computers, even if they use different operating systems.

Install Neat software, sign in to your account, and use Sync to access the same up-to-date files on your PC at work, your Mac at home, and your laptop on the road!

Dig Deeper

Looking for more detailed information about Neat?

Try our detailed PDF user guide or browse Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

For More Information

If you’re still looking for answers to a particular issue, visit the Neat Support Center

To learn more about Neat scanning solutions,

visit our scanners onboarding page.

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