Neat 5 FAQ

1. What is Neat 5?

Neat 5 is our newest software release for PC users.  Based on customer feedback and our desire to build a better product, we redesigned our PC software application to give users more flexibility and control over how data is organized and managed.  Neat 5 is also the platform that supports our cloud and mobile services.
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2. What's new and improved in Neat 5?

  • New User Interface – our new interface streamlines and improves workflow by making it faster to scan, organize, file and search receipts, business cards and documents.
  • New Folder Tree – new visual folder tree gives you more flexibility and control over how you manage and organize your information; you’ll have the ability to create subfolders and scan multiple item types to a folder (mix of receipts, business cards and documents) so you can truly organize the way you want to.
  • New Drag & Drop Capabilities – make it fast and easy to organize and re-organize your folders and individual items.
  • New Send to Neat – print any digital document (web page, MS Word document, PDF, etc) or image directly to Neat so you don’t have to print and scan in.
  • New Report Wizard – makes it easier than ever to create spending, tax and expense reportsNew Views – three options (Thumbnail, List and Item View) allow you to see your data in the layout that best suits your needs and workflow.
  • New Smart Filters and Folder Filters – Smart Filters enable you to View All items, Recently Added Items and Unreviewed Items in your Cabinet with one click;  Folder filters allow you to view items of a particular type (receipts, business cards and documents) so you can quickly find or edit items in a folder.
  • Improved Scanning Controls – scan settings are integrated directly into the main application so you don’t have to switch between windows to access or change settings; additionally, scan settings persist between application sessions so you can work more efficiently.
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3. What versions can I upgrade from?

You can upgrade from PC Version 2.1 and higher.
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4. What will happen to my existing Neat data when I upgrade?

Your data will be migrated during the upgrade process.  One of the changes and benefits Neat 5 introduces is the folder tree.  The folder tree will give you more flexibility in how you can organize and manage your data.  However, it’s a change to the way your folders and data will be presented.  Therefore, we have created some tips and suggestions that will help make the migration to Neat 5 as seamless as possible.  Below is a description of what will occur during migration and how you can prepare your folders.  You can also view the Data Migration Video by clicking here

Preparing for Data Migration:

In NeatWorks version 4 and earlier, you named and defined your folders using various fields such as Folder Name, Folder Label or Folder Type.  The values you used for these fields will be used to organize your folders in Neat 5.  During the upgrade and data migration process, three first level folders will be created for you.  They will be named:

  • Migrated Receipts
  • Migrated Contacts
  • Migrated Documents

For receipts and documents the Migration Wizard will build out a folder tree.  Under Migrated Receipts or Migrated Documents the wizard will create subfolders for each 'Folder Type' value used. For example, you may have 10 folders with the ‘Folder Type’ value of “Expense Report”.  Under the Migrated Receipts Folder, you’ll see a subfolder named “Expense Report” and under this folder, you’ll see all your folders that used this Folder Type value.

To minimize duplicate folder names, make sure that 'Folder Type' and 'Folder Name' values are set and are unique within any given 'Folder Type'.  If you do not have values for these fields or if you do not have unique Folder Names for each Folder Type, we strongly recommend that you make these changes before proceeding with the upgrade.    

Below is an example Folder Tree in Neat 5.  After you upgrade to Neat 5, you may wish to re-organize some of your folders.  You can do this by dragging and dropping folders and re-naming folders as necessary.   

For more information, click here to view the Data Migration Video.
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5. How long will it take to migrate my data and upgrade to Neat 5?

Data migration and upgrade time will depend on how much data you currently have in Neat.  If you have a small number of folders and items, it may take just a few minutes.  However, if you have a significant number of folders and items and have been using Neat for several years, the process can take upwards of an hour or longer.
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6. Will Neat 5 work with my existing Neat scanner?

Yes, Neat 5 is compatible with the silver mobile scanner, white mobile scanner, as well as the desktop scanner.
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7. What is the cost to upgrade to Neat 5?

Neat 5 is a free software upgrade for all existing Neat users.
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8. How do I upgrade to Neat 5?

You can upgrade to Neat 5 by clicking here.  You’ll select the current version of Neat you’re running and you’ll be provided with step-by-step instructions and a software download link.
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9. Do I have to upgrade to Neat 5?

No, it is an optional upgrade.  However, we strongly recommend upgrading as Neat 5 is the platform that supports cloud and mobile offerings.  Additionally, Neat versions before Neat 5 are no longer supported. 
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