Here you can find articles to walk you through the features of the NeatConnect and get help along the way.

To the left you can choose which category you want more information on or need help with such as Scanning or Exporting. Below we’ve highlighted some of the most used guides and help sections that you may find useful.

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Getting Started with the NeatConnect


When you first setup your NeatConnect you’ll be prompted to connect to Wifi. Once connected you can see all of the scanning options here.

Getting Started Help!
If you are having an issue setting up your NeatConnect, click here for our troubleshooting guide. If you are having an issue scanning, click here.

Accessing your data online


Items that you scan with your NeatConnect to your Neat cloud account can be accessed from any browser at Once logged in, you can find your scans in the From NeatConnect folder in the Inbox. Here you can access, edit and upload information to your account.

Accessing your data online Help!
If you are having an issue accessing your Neat cloud account, click here for our troubleshooting guide.