Adding files to NeatCloud

1. How do I scan a receipt, business card, or document using my mobile device?

Easy! Just launch the Neat app and tap the Scan button. Next, select the type of item you are scanning: Receipt, Business Card, or Document.

Take a picture of the receipt, business card, or document. Note: to retake the photo, click Retake; to use the photo, click Confirm. Select a destination folder, select whether or not you want to use NeatVerify, add any notes you choose, and tap Confirm & Upload. The item will then be uploaded to NeatCloud for processing.  Back to Top

2. Where do I find my Mobile scans?

You can select a destination for your mobile scans during the scanning process.  Back to Top

3. What is the Email-in feature of NeatCloud?

All NeatCloud subscriptions come with a personalized email address that makes it easy to forward emails, e-receipts, and other digital documents directly to your NeatCloud account, and then synchronize them with all your devices. Back to Top

4. How do I find my email address?

From NeatCloud, click on your account name (top right corner of the screen) and choose My Account. Scroll down to the NeatCloud Email heading to view your NeatCloud mail-to address. Back to Top

5. Can I get a different email address?

To change the email address on your Neat account please go to and open a support ticket. Our Support team will help you create a new Neat account with a different email address.  Back to Top

6. What kind of attachments can I email in to NeatCloud?

NeatCloud accepts the following attachment formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF, and PNG. Back to Top

7. How long does it take for my emailed item to show in NeatCloud after I email it in?

The time depends upon the size of your files, but they are usually available within minutes. Back to Top

8. How does NeatCloud handle email attachments?

The body of the email is added as new item in Neat and each attachment is added as a separate item. For example, an email with two attachments would create three items in your digital filing system – one with the content of the email, and one new item for each attachment. Back to Top

9. Where can I find my emailed in items?

When you email an item to your email address, they are available in your Inbox under the From Email folder. You can then move the items anywhere in your Neat Digital Filing System. Back to Top

10. How do I import or upload an item to NeatCloud?

To import or upload an item to NeatCloud, click on the Import button in NeatCloud and choose PDF or Image.

Click the Choose Files button and browse to the file(s) you wish to import. Alternatively, drag and drop the item to the Drop Files Here area in the dialog box. Once processing is complete, your item will appear in the Inbox under the ‘From Web Import’ folder. You can then move the items anywhere in your Neat cabinet. Back to Top


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