Backup & Sync

1. What is syncing?

Syncing (AKA synchronizing) is the automatic transmitting and updating of data between two or more devices so they will all have access to the same exact files. That means when you scan an item at the office, it’s uploaded to the cloud and instantly available on your home computer, your laptop, your smartphone, and your tablet. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

2. What does NeatCloud back up?

NeatCloud backs up all of your data within Neat including all images, text, key fields, comments and notes. NeatCloud backs up your Neat files only, and does not support backing up your computer’s entire contents. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

3. Will my documents be backed up if my computer crashes?

Yes, if you have subscribed to NeatCloud. NeatCloud continuously and securely backs up all data in your Neat Digital Filing System to the cloud. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

4. I have a new computer; how do I restore all my Neat data that’s backed up in NeatCloud?

Simply reinstall Neat software on your new computer. When you launch Neat for the first time, click on the Sync button and sign in with your Neat account. Neat will automatically pull all of your files down from the cloud and restore them onto your new computer in the exact same way you last had them. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

5. How do I sync my Neat data between computers?

Once you have a NeatCloud plan, you can easily sync the contents of your Digital Filing System across several computers. If you already have Neat software on more than one computer, simply launch Neat and click the Sync button – your computer will add its Digital Filing System contents to the cloud, and will also add the cloud’s contents to its local Digital Filing System.

If you want to install Neat’s software on a new computer, simply do so, then click the Sync button to pull all of the contents of your NeatCloud account onto the computer.

In either case, when you sync with the cloud you’ll have the most recent versions of all your important documents, right at your fingertips.

You can also access NeatCloud from any computer by going to and signing in to your NeatCloud account. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

6. How do I back up my Neat data using NeatCloud?

Backing up your data is the same as syncing! Just follow the directions above to sync your files to NeatCloud, and they will be securely backed up at the same time. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

7. What happens when I edit or delete an item on one of my devices?

The backbone of NeatCloud is the ability to sync your Neat files across your devices. When you edit or delete an item on any of your devices, NeatCloud makes the changes (synchronizes) on all your devices. All of this happens automatically, so your files are always up to date. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

8. How long does the initial sync take?

Syncing to NeatCloud is fast — but the amount of time it will take to sync for the very first time will be based on the amount of data you are syncing and the speed of your internet connection. The initial sync may take up to several days to complete. Subsequent syncs will be far faster – averaging just a few seconds.

While your account is syncing, the percentage completed will display just under the Sync button. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

9. I want to stop syncing to one of my office computers.  How do I do that?

To temporarily stop syncing one of your computers with NeatCloud, simply go to Tools > Sync > Sync Settings to turn it Off.

Any changes made to your Neat data on any of your devices will now stop syncing with this computer.

To permanently stop syncing one of your computers with NeatCloud, go to, sign in, and click on your account name in the top-right corner of the screen. Select Product Keys & Authorizations and then de-authorize the computer you want to stop syncing. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

10. How do I sync documents captured on my mobile device to my Desktop app? Where do they appear?

Since Sync is the backbone of NeatCloud, any items captured from your mobile device are automatically synced to your Desktop app. The items will be available in the Inbox under the From NeatMobile folder. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

11. How do I sync my Neat data to my mobile device?

To sync to your mobile device, all you need is the Neat app. Once you’ve synced your files to NeatCloud, as described above, just download and install the app, sign in to your Neat account, and all your Neat files will be there waiting for you. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync

12. Why do I have to update to a new version of Neat to Sync?

Neat’s latest Desktop App versions support Syncing with NeatCloud. Syncing to NeatCloud is not available in previous versions of Neat. Back to Top blueArrowUp Backup & Sync


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