Payments & Billing

1. Why does Neat need my credit card to sign up for a free trial of NeatCloud?

When you sign up for a free trial of NeatCloud, you receive 30 days of free NeatCloud access. You will be billed only if you have not canceled your NeatCloud plan within the 30-day cycle. We require that a valid credit card be on file to bill the first payment should you decide to continue using NeatCloud at the end of the free trial period. Back to Top

2. What is the billing schedule for NeatCloud?

NeatCloud is a monthly subscription service, and it will be billed one month after your sign-up date. For example, if you sign-up for NeatCloud on July 8th, you will be billed on the 8th of every month thereafter, until you cancel your subscription. Back to Top

3. How can I change my payment method?

To change the payment method on your Neat account, please call Neat at 1-866-632-8732. Back to Top

4. How do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

If you are on a monthly subscription plan, you can upgrade your NeatCloud plan on your own by logging into your Neat account, going to your My Account page, and clicking Change Plan. If you are on an annual plan, you will need to call Neat at 1-866-632-8732 to upgrade.

To downgrade your plan, please call Neat at 1-866-632-8732. Back to Top

5. I have an annual NeatCloud subscription. How will I know when it’s time to renew?

An email notification regarding your renewal date is sent several days before your renewal date. Back to Top

6. My personal plan was paid for the year and now I want to upgrade my plan. Can you apply what I have paid to my new plan?

Yes. Please call Neat Customer Service at 1-866-632-8732 to learn more. Back to Top

7. I am canceling my subscription before the month ends; can you refund me for the time that I will not use the service?

There are no partial refunds for subscription plans, so we suggest canceling your plan close to the end of the month. Back to Top

8. I want to downgrade from my annual plan to a monthly plan, will I receive a refund?

At this time, there is no way to switch from an annual subscription to a monthly subscription. You may cancel your annual subscription, but there are no partial refunds for unused time. Please contact Customer Service at 1-866-632-8732 if you have any questions. Back to Top


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